Barong Tagalog for Our Wedding.

Remember when Jhon went home to the Philippines for wedding errands? One of the errands was to seek and buy a barong tagalog for our wedding.

I've been expressing my how much I want him to wear a traditional Filipino outfit for our wedding since last year in one of my blog posts. Basically, Malay traditional outfits for our 1st part of our wedding and then Filipino traditional outfits for the 2nd part.

It's just that I won't be wearing the female Barong because I don't like the poofy outfits and generally, Filipinas don't even wear them themselves. Check out Jhon's cousin's wedding in the Philippines here.

Anyways, Versari Ade didn't have a Barong Tagalog outfit so we had to out-source ourselves. From internet sources, we can get a nice top up to S$200 so that's our budget.

Here are the links for references:
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Jhon went to Megamall (nearest mall to his house) with his brother, Paul. The plan was for him to try several Barong Tagalog, take pictures and his brother will help to send them to me in Singapore. There was only 1 shop in the mall and also a first trip to survey the Barong.

They went to a shop named Kultura Filipino and he totally fell in love with the first Barong he tried on. His brother had sent a picture and it was pretty alright to me. Until his brother noticed the detailing in front consists of Catholic crosses! kwang kwang! I am just grateful Paul noticed it beforehand.

After that, I received NO messages, NO pictures, nothing! For all I knew, he messaged me that was home and had already bought a Barong!

I am pretty sure some BTB's can relate. That anxiety of not knowing what your partner or anyone has chosen. It's not about not trusting on Jhon's taste because we have similar tastes and in general, he has good taste. But simply not knowing or not part of the decision making kinda sucks. I freaked out a little inside because I knew it wouldn't help if I freak out on him. He had already bought it.

Of course, I demanded asked him to take photos of the Barong and requested him to try it on so I could see. Thankfully, the Barong looks nice; simple with the collar we like. Unfortunately, his mother did not allow him to try it out because if you guys read my post about Filipino superstitions, unless it's to try to choose wedding outfits, it's bad luck to wear wedding clothes in advance. His mother say death would be upon us. 

Jhon's mother or should I say his parents has nothing but be wonderful and accepting. How could I disrespect this ONE thing right? 

So technically, I will see Jhon wearing his wedding Barong on our wedding day for the first time just like everyone else. This lack of control and knowledge gives me little anxious butterflies but there's nothing I can do but trust Jhon it looks and fits awesome on him.

Sorry, not sorry. I am not going to let you guys see the Barong until the wedding day or when we get the official wedding photos. hehe Anyways, I did eventually get to touch and hold the Barong and it's quite soft and not "itchy? in texture which is always good.

Jhon also managed to buy 3 small Barongs for my 3 nephews, Shibly, Syihab and Irfan. We were considering to have them wear it and maybe walk ahead of us as we make our second entrance. He bought a size bigger but it seems it's more than 1 size bigger! So I am not sure that idea will be a go or not. 

Oh wait, I forgot to mention one of the most important information of all.
Price tag.

Remember I mentioned our budget for his Barong was S$200? He got his for about S$85 - S$90! 
As for the kid's he got them a nearby market at bout S$10 for 3.


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