Berkat Booked!

Wait, Berkat Booked or Berkat Ordered?

So many years ago, I've wrote 2 blogs about favorable berkat and breaking my head over berkat. You can click respectively but basically, in the first post, I wrote about all the berkat galore I considered and the second was about how I had trouble with budget versus something pretty.

Berkat was the only thing Jhon and I kept going back and forth with. We wanted real budget like eggs or something but at the same time, we want to give our guests something memorable and nice lah. We kept coming back to glassware (not mugs) or crystal bowls.

So you know those affordable provision shops that sells household stuff like pails, bottles, party stuff, pots, plastic table cloths and such? They also sell kitchenware and that includes glassware. When we drop by to buy paper cups (water for the feral cats), I would always glance by the glass shelves. Actually, there are 1 or 2 decent looking glasses with decent prices that could be considered as berkat. They tend to be simpler but some shops have designs on it.

It was until I found out about Chia Heng Department Store from Abg Awil's (BIL) aunt.
Epilogue: Kakak brought home some awesome crystal plate and I asked her to ask for the source.
When we finally checked out the place at Joo Chiat Complex (besides the other wedding related stored inside), we just went ooh and aah...

These are just some of the crystals.

But the price... we were not so keen with but come on... it's crystal. What do we expect right? 
There are $1 mini crystal cups and such but what would a family do with such a small cup? Do they do 'ibu kunyit' shot drinks like us? lol 

Four months later, we brought Mak along to see the potential berkat in person as requested. Not surprisingly, being Mak, she aimed at something that costs 50 cents more. I don't deny the bowl she preferred looks pretty but budget bursting sey! I spent a good 5-10 minutes whispering to Jhon about the budget when Mak said the magic words.

"Mak bayarkan, lah!"/ "Mak will pay for it"

With a speed of lightning, Jhon agreed and for all I knew, he had passed the bowl in question to Mak. It turns out he REALLY likes the bowl but budget was stopping him. Of course, I had to halt everyone and eventually we agreed to her paying half of it.

All crystals come with a black box with string (box bag) so no need buy a separate bag. 
I will show and share our chosen berkat with box in due time when we receive it 1 month before our wedding and also share any experiences of receiving the goods.

And sorry, no guessing! The bowl is not in the picture anyways. hehe


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