Wedding Shoes Bought.

We had roughly planned to buy most of our stuff on December for the Christmas sale but you know, when you see something that beckons, you just need to get it.

Jhon and I were at Tampines on a date and were heading home. We happened to pass the shop Pretty Fit at Century Square and Jhon saw it first; a pair of bling-bling heels. He pulled me in and I saw it too. He asked me to try it and that was that. haha

You see, I am a picky person. It's really hard for me to like something especially when it comes to outfits. I can appreciate fashion and all but if I don't 'feel' it or the item does not fit/ flatter me even a single bit. It's a no. So for me to say YES in 1 second. That was a record.

When I wore it, it flatters my ugly-stepsister-like feet, it was comfortable, the heel height was not ridiculous, the bling-bling were round so it won't catch and ruin any dress AND it's affordable! Most bling-bling shoes I see always cost $100 and above.

So what it's not a branded item. I never cared for it anyways. My only concern on that day was if the bling-bling will fall off because it would be kept for 6 months. But I was consoled that it won't lah.

As for Jhon's leather shoes, after our trip to Johor to book our wedding cards, we went to Golden Landmark for toilet break and we happened to see a shop that sold leather shoes among other things. I didn't take note of the shop's name but there were shoes that we liked but didn't bring our wedding cash along to buy any.

It's only weeks later because we've been busy/ lazy/ surveying other shops, we went back and long story short, Jhon got his shoes too! Cost wise, there's not much difference with other shops or brands. The problem that we had been having while surveying for shows was that we dislike the new trend of pointy shoes. Jhon wears a shoe size 11 and with that extra pointy end, it looks funny on him.

I am so glad we found a pair of leather shoes that are a good mixture of modern and traditional.
I am not sure if I am going to get another pair of heels since that's the norm for Brides changing their shoes to match their other outfits but my shoes can pretty much match anything.

As for Jhon, he just needs a 'capal' to pair with his 'baju melayu'. I am pretty sure we can get them those anytime at Geylang because it's easy accessible and simple.


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