Burger King's Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss

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As you are reading this, I am happy to share that Burger King has launched their gourmet version of the Mushroom Swiss now called Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss!

I don't know about you guys, but when I was younger, my go-to burger at Burger King has always been Mushroom Swiss so when I found out I had a chance to try out BK's new Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss days before it was launched, I just had to RSVP. I went with hopes of reliving my childhood tummy memories but with more savory tastes.

The food tasting session was held at BK Prinsep House, next to SOTA (School of the Arts) at about 7pm, just in time for dinner.

BK had reserved us a cozy little corner for other bloggers and media people just for the food introduction and tasting. There was also a photo booth which this time, I took part but not before getting a fellow blogger to join me.

After settling down and mingling, we were invited into BK's kitchen. We got to witness their impeccable standard of sanitation where every employee would scrub their hands for 20 seconds AND sanitize their hands before wearing their gloves. Each session lasts for 1 minute and to be done every hour!

We also managed to witness how BK flame grilled their awesome whopper patties. Too bad we were not allowed to bring our cameras because watching the flames coming out of the grill was amazing. My other favorite part was watching the over flowing of juices as the cooked patties were rolled out and into a container. *salivates*

There was also a demonstration on how they prepare their burgers. All burgers were prepared in less than 30 seconds and guess what was burger was prepared? Whoppers, TWICE. I was at the back but still had a great view. I was pretty sure my drool had passed my shirt to the floor. Whoppers are one of my top 3 favorite BK burgers, hokay?

Speaking of which, Burger King will be having a
Kitchen Tour + DIY Burger session for anyone who is interested.

Basically, for just S$10 (adults) or S$8 (children under 12) you can experience like I did but MORE because you get to DIY your very own Whopper Jr. or Long Chicken Burger to go with your choice of side (Fries or Onion Rings) and drink. Seriously? I would make a Whopper Jr with 3 patties drowned in mayo, chili & lettuce. Or who is to say we can't make a Frankenstein of both chicken and Whopper? (think out of the box when it comes to food haha)

Email or call the management as per poster above if you are interested and you will be entitled to a Kitchen Tour, DIY Burger Session and a BK Magnet.

Well, enough jibber-jabber, let me introduce you, Burger King's Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss.

The burger consists of Japanese Shimeji mushrooms sautéed with aromatic black pepper sauce, melted Swiss cheese, Batavian lettuce, caramelized onions, flame grilled beef/ tender grilled chicken patty and BK's original mushroom sauce with it's creamy mushrooms served on a toasty sesame seed bun.

Look at that salivating generous serving of mushrooms and their sauces. For a person who always pick out raw onions from food, I actually welcomed the caramelized onions which adds a tinge of sweetness to the burger. I was the only person who had discarded the knife and fork and ate the burger the 'right way', with my hands. lol Let's be honest, when it comes to food, eating with proper etiquette is not in my book.

Comparing to the original Mushroom Swiss,  Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss definitely tasted way better. It is much more savory, creamy, velvety and packed with juices and mushrooms. I found myself picking up the straying mushrooms that dropped on my plate onto my burger to make sure I get every piece of the mushrooms. It's THAT good.

I had ordered beef because that's my go-to for burgers and fellow blogger Elle, had a good idea of ordering chicken so we can swap and try both types!

As mentioned before, my go-to meat is always beef so I am biased when I say I prefer the beef Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss compared to the tender grill chicken Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss. No doubt that the tender grill chicken was juicy and delectable but always tastes mild compared to beef. It all boils down to personal preference like how Jhon generally prefers chicken patties than beef.

I don't know why I bothered to take a photo of the chicken tender grill because the mushrooms were so generous you can barely see the chicken patty. haha Anyways, the burgers were paired with fries that are coated with Rock it Creamy Tomato flavoring (you know, instead of shaking, you rock it?)

Personally, I am not a big fan of the flavor. I am not sure if it's the creamy or tomato taste but it's just not my thing.

Besides being treated with yummy burgers and Hershey sundae pies, each of us were gifted goodie bags. This auntie like!

Lo and behold, they are mainly mushroom themed. haha

Each bag has a bunch (?) of Shimeji mushrooms nicely placed in a small white IKEA pot, 2 books of S$10 BK vouchers, 1 set of magnets with mini white board, mushroom repair mask and cute little mushroom sticker markers.

Close up the Shimeji mushrooms which makes me crave for Tom Yum soup for some reason and cutesy mushroom sticker markers.

Elle had won herself an extra S$10 BK voucher during the quiz session and she actually gave it to me. Fwar... fats, here I come. Sorry, not sorry. 

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss meal comes with the new Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries and a medium Soft Drink for only $8.95. If you wish to pair their Creamy Tomato ROCK IT fries with their other yummy burgers, you can upgrade to Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries with any upsize meal purchased or you can buy Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries a'la carte at S$3.30.

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss meal is for only a limited time only from 3 December 2015 to mid-January 2016 so get them while stocks last by heading down to your nearest Burger King outlet or get yours delivered at your doorstep because BK does delivery too.

For more Burger King updates and news, check out their Facebook Page and/or website.


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