Registering Our Marriage with ROMM

Before our official solemnization, there are a few things we should do.

Here's a rough check list.

✔ Attend Marriage Preparation Course of your choice
(I think you may attend after registering too)
✔ Decide on time of Solemnization, Duit Hantaran, Mahar &
NIRC/ Passport info of Wali and Witnesses ready.
✔ Choose top 4 preferred Tok Kadi (optional)
✔ Take note of your earliest and latest dates to file for solemnization on ROMM's website
( 150>9 days from date of solemnization)

So today, 26th November is the official day for us to register.

Pro Tip #1: 
(but not applicable to every Tok Kadi)
This is usually for the 'kiasu' couples or couples who really, really, really want their preferred Tok Kadi like our case. We needed a Tok Kadi (who we had witnessed in videos) who can speak fluently in English with the same passion as in Malay. Also, a Tok Kadi Jhon would be comfortable and not intimidated with.

1 or 2 weeks before your earliest registration date, call your preferred Tok Kadi. Ask him if he is available on your solemnization date and ask if he could reserve/block the date until the date you would register.

If he says yes, on your day of registration (at any appropriate time of the day), as you are registering, you can call your Tok Kadi to open the date and you book him. End of story.

But as mentioned, this does not apply to every Tok Kadi because, after all, this is not good practice due to the loophole. Jhon did called Tok Kadi Hassan Bin Salim 2 weeks before our registration date and even though he didn't say it directly, he told Jhon to book him online for fairness. Jhon said he was very nice, kind and even explained the procedure thoroughly which makes him want Kadi Hassan even more.

That also means we had to register by having a mini 'slumber party' at my place so we can register at 12 midnight, 26th Nov 2015 on the dot to make sure we get first pickings. 'Slumber party' was optional of course, you guys can do it via phones but we just prefer this way.

Pro Tip #2:
Someone has asked this before so I'll just put this in.
Although you could go to ROMM itself and use the self-help kiosk to file your application for marriage, it's best you do it in the comfort of your own home on your laptop/ computer. There is no difference in the process except you could ask the admin there for help if needed. To be honest, the process is not complicated which leads us to the next tip.

Pro Tip #3:

Get yourself acquainted with the registration for marriage page. There are 5 steps to go through and there's plenty of reading needed in just the first step. Don't be afraid to click that Continue, Agree and Submit buttons to familiarize yourself with the process. Of course, don't push it by going through all the steps. After Step 2, everything is fairly easy.

By doing so, on the actual day, you are more likely to be confident rather being panicky unless you are always cool as cucumber then kudos to you!

Pro Tip #4:

Being a worry wart by nature, I find it helpful to have all the important info like full names, wali & witnesses' NIRC/ Passport numbers, addresses on a Microsoft Excel sheet/ Word and when it's time to register, I didn't have to type it in. Just copy and paste; confirm no typos.

Pro Tip #5:

If you don't have a printer ready to print out the receipt and acknowledgement for Marriage Application, click print but change destination as PDF and Ta Da! You've got a PDF of the document so save on your computer and available to print at any time. ROMM will send you an email anyways for the acknowledgement or you can request for your e-filing confirmation page from their site.

Because of Pro Tips #3 and #4, we managed to complete our application in about 3 minutes instead of 15 minutes as written on their site. lol Don't worry about being too 'kiasu' too because as soon as we were referred back to ROMM's main page, we saw this.

Hello fellow 'kiasu' BTB & GTB getting married on the same day. hahaha

Now just a couple a few more steps to go!

✘  Visit ROMM for verification of documents and statutory Declaration (VD/SD)/ interview, latest 5 weeks before wedding day aka The Interview.
✘ Call Kadi 1 week before wedding day to confirm booking.
✘ Official solemnization!

As always, will blog when that day comes.


We've done the ROMM 'interview', click here to read our experiences.


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