Wedding Hurdle 3: Caterer Woes

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To be honest, this hurdle has been going on since 24 March 2015 when I messaged our chosen caterer. This caterer is an underdog that has been around for many years. It is only introduced via Multiply (now long gone as of 31 May 2013) but mostly from the word of mouth.

I came across this caterer from my cousin's wedding on December 2014. The food was delicious and up to standard and everything was all good. They also gave away their name cards and price packages and since Jhon and I already had intentions of getting married at that point of time, we swiped them lah.

When I saw the prices, I went...

And when I showed to Jhon the prices, he went...

Yes, the prices were affordable and was the lowest even after we surveyed other caterers online and at the Mega Wedding Expo on January 2015.

So on 24 March 2015, I WhatApp messaged the caterer if she has the 2016 packages opened yet. She replied promptly and answered no. She said, ask again on June which was understandable.

On June, before Ramadhan, Jhon called because he started to get anxious. It took a couple of tries (the first one that she went Umrah) but she eventually came to say call again after Hari Raya but she did took note of Jhon's name and our wedding date.

You have to understand the anxiety of waiting 5 months to even set a appointment especially when we had already settled all the major vendors and the fact that catering is one of the most important vendor. We keep telling ourselves to be patient and let fate take its course. Stress okay!?

As soon as Hari Raya ended, Jhon called the caterer again for an appointment date. She said she will call back to confirm but didn't so Jhon called again the next day and Alhamdulillah, she said we can meet up but only 1.5 months after at a wedding.

That will be a total of 7 nail biting, nerve wrecking months of waiting.

Don't get us wrong, we completely understand the delay from the start. 2016 price list not out then it's Umrah, Ramadhan and Shawal. It's not that the is caterer was lazy or not showing dedication. They are all legit explanations which I think that's why we are more patient.

But the wait... and who knows after the discussion, we found out there are hidden costs ke pe... Allahu A'lam.

This decision will either mean our utter mindless patience or superb optimistic endurance.

We shall see.


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