Wedding Hurdle 1: Location - Overcame

I am very happy to declare that Jhon and I overcame the 2 hurdles we came across last year but I will go through 1 hurdle at a time. Read Wedding Hurdle 1 which was wedding location to find out the issues we faced.

It was basically between a void deck solemnisation/wedding reception or a mosque solemnisation/ restaurant wedding reception. I knew without asking my mom, she would love my wedding to be under my block out of convenience but there was more to it like previously mentioned, Bridal room, Budget and Family issues. These issues may seem insignificant to some but it is to us because it creates annoyance, hassle and tension which I generally try to avoid in life.

BUT everything is discussed and settled.

Bridal Room Issue Solved:
I've discussed this with my mom and she had agreed to my idea of not having a bridal room to showcase and take photos in. We just need to tidy up and make sure my room is presentable enough for the make up artist to see because who wants to let anyone see how their room is a 'tokang pecah' or look like a hurricane had passed right?

I'm so happy that my mom was okay with it because I know she prefers to have my wedding to be traditional which means 'nikah' in my home. But I guess she realised the hassle and not to mention additional money needed just to pretty up the room.

Budget Issue Solved:
No doubt, there's a budget difference comparing an under a block wedding and a simple restaurant wedding, But as long as Jhon and I are adamant on our budget and don't get 'mata keranjang', we should be okay. Just not having a pretty bridal room saves us $500 to $1000+ so I seek comfort it in that. hehe

Family Issue Somewhat Solved:
I can't avoid my parents' tension towards each other and one of my fears was that the tension would be so thick, you can cut it with a knife and it would ruin the atmosphere. I was told that I would be so busy that I wouldn't notice but I will because it matters so much to me that my family, especially my parents are comfortable and happy.

But thanks to my cousin's wedding, I had a sneak peek on how it would be like if my parents were forced to breath the same air. It was not THAT bad on the surface although it was quite bad. I shall not disclose the details but I guess the only thing I have to worry is my mom's lack of attempt of hiding her disgust in photos.

God knows how it would be like when my parents have to sit next to each other for the bride and groom ' salaman' but I can only hope for the best.

So yes! We are having a void deck wedding after all.

I, therefore declared, hurdle crossed

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