Breaking News: My Bestie's First Newborn!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

As of yesterday, 09.09.2015, my best buddy, Fizah gave birth to a cute baby boy! I am so happy for her and her new bundle of joy!

Introducing, Muhammad Matin Mikail Bin Muhammad Muhaimin aka MMMMM. haha

It was about 5 hour natural labour starting about 5am in the morning. Fizah SMS me at 7am that she was in labour and I don't know why but I started to fidget. Excited and nervous for her, I guess. By 10am, I saw her husband had posted a picture of Matin on Facebook.

3.305 kg! Matin is so fair and clean!
No 'tahi palat', you know, the whitish thingy that sometimes is all over a newborn baby. Remember ladies, drink plenty of coconut juice!

Luckily, it was the school holidays and my nephews were not around. Mak and I met Jhon after work and zoomed to KKH in a cab.

It was funny when we reached her ward because at half of the beds (6-bed ward) had their curtains drawn. Outside the ward, there were Malays standing around which I assumed was Min's friends but I didn't know them so I didn't acknowledge them much. We thought perhaps Fizah was tending to something in private so we waiting perhaps a good 5 minutes.

Mak actually jokingly-not-jokingly wanted to 'barge' in and I was strongly against it. I then WhatsApp messaged Fizah asking her what was she doing with the curtains drawn as a joke (I didn't tell her I was coming). In a few seconds, she replied "hehe come in"

LERR....! Can you imagine, we could've been waiting for God knows how long? lol

We walked to the bed and I peeked in. The new family was just resting and needed some personal space from the neighbors. Of course, I peeked outside to the hallway and hinted to the others that it's okay to come in.

Matin looks so cute, small and fragile and Fizah looked good and happy. She managed to 'tahan' the labour pains with just gas even though it made her vomit. No epidural. I always known she is a strong woman.

Oh, Matin has the smoothest baby newborn skin ever. His skin was not peeling and no milia. His skin was soft and fuzzy and so nice to kiss. He also has long fingers, toes and feet which means he is going to be tall.

I am grateful that Fizah and Matin is healthy. Fizah, you are officially a mom now! hehe
I can't wait to see little Matin again, perhaps do a small photo shoot too? hehe


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