Japan or Korea or Japan or Korea?

In case you didn't notice, J-pop and K-pop is taking over Singapore whether you like it or not. It has dominated the radio, the television, fashion culture and even restaurants. If you ask me which one I prefer, I would immediately say Japan!

I grew up with Doraemon, Chibi Maruko Chan, Astro Boy, Dragon Ball Z, Hello Kitty, and Totoro.

I remember loving shows like Takeshi Castle (General Lee at that time was such a looker), Kamen Rider, and Ultraman among many others.

Part of my teen life has background music of Ayumi Hamasaki and Kitaro. Yea, not much because I was more inclined to Western music but can't deny Seasons and Matsuri was constantly played in my playlist.

And although I only learned and appreciate eating Japanese food at early adulthood, I eventually love to eat their sushi, udon, ramen, sashimi and tempura. Yum!

Not to mention their well-known culture and absolutely amazing places to visit from bustling Tokyo & Osaka to beautiful locations like Sapporo, Kyoto and Mount Fuji. Don't forget their well-known Sakura flowers!

Do I even need to mention their amazing fashion and beauty trends? If basic is not your thing, they are a melting pot of fashion trends like Lolita, Gyaru, Harajuku and the trends itself has it’s sub-fashion. There is no such thing as weird fashion when you are walking on the streets of Japan.

Japan are also known to introduce amazing products for beauty and technology. Amazing not only because of their functionality but also its kawaii-ness!

It’s obvious, I could go on and on about Japan.

And then, I figured I am probably biased because I grew up with Japanese media and decided to give Korea a chance and see how it is part of my life. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was bitten by the K-pop bug without knowing it.

On 2012, I was grateful of Korea’s beauty trend of embracing your eye pouches (eye bags but not really) and learnt that hey, I don’t have eye bags, I have eye pouches and it makes my eyes look bigger and make me look youthful.

(Left: With eye pouches, Right: Without eye pouches)

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Also the fact that Korea made it easier to accept my big wavy/ curly hair as an Asian as I was hair transitioning my hair (from rebonding for more than 10 years to natural hair).

Fashion wise, although it is not as ‘out there’ like Japan, at least, it’s much more realistic according to my already lacking fashion sense. I do tend to fancy plenty of their outfits which is always casual but sophisticated or cool.

Korea has also have beautiful places to visit. In fact, my sister went to Jeju for their honeymoon and their photos were incredible and almost surreal. Seoul and Myeongdong Street are also well known of a good mixture of MOD buildings, old temples, markets, shopping centres and a blend of new and old cultures.

Music wise, I got to admit, I am not leaned towards it but I am not ignorant of the ever popular groups like Girl’s Generation and Big Bang.

Similarly to music, the only Korean cartoons I am exposed to are Pucca, Mashimaro, Robocar Poli,  Pororo who is cute by the way. Hehe Pororo is always played by my nephews at home.

Thanks to my mom who is a Korean drama/ show fanatic, she has subconsciously nudged me to enjoy them too! If you ask me if I enjoy Korean TV, I would say not really until I realized I enjoy them more than I thought. I truly enjoy watching Running Man, Oh! My baby, Law of the jungle and even dramas like Cheongdamdong Scandal and The family is coming. Dare I even say they are my favorite shows?

Lastly, food.
Halal Korean food is not dominant as Japanese food in Singapore until recently (but still not much). All these years, the closest I had a taste of Korean food was at Seoul Garden (which I enjoy by the way) but I am pretty sure there’s just a small portion of their buffet is really Korean. Haha

Other than that, I had tried Korean dishes at food courts like Banquet (now renamed to Bagus). Nene Chicken was just recently Halal certified but I’ve yet to try out yet.

So my opinion on Korean food is minimal due to lack of exposure. I am somewhat indifferent in their food and I still lean towards Japanese food.

But ever since I’ve tasted KFC’s Korean Yang Yeum Wings, the food game has changed, man! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Umadare’s wings but that sweet and spicy kick just gets me. I am a Malay Singaporean after all, must have chili. haha

Check out my review of the wings if you haven't.

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