Syihab's Birthday Trip to Legoland Waterpark, Malaysia Part 2

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The next day was fun day but of course, not before having breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast was okayyyyy lah. That's all I could say.

Kak Yana arranged a 7-seater cab so we can travel together via the hotel and it took us about 15-30 minutes to reach there. All the fun was caught on video that I had edited but here are some video stills.

Pretty LEGO bodyguard.

They just love the wave pool while wearing their life vests.


The fun slides are the ones you can take with your family or friends. There was a queue for the floats but it was not long to a point you get bored. Plus, with the kinds of fashion sense people have here, it's kinda interesting.

There's one time, I saw a lady wearing waterproof makeup and she was with her boyfriend (of course) and friends. Guys, never trust a woman who goes to a water park or swimming pool with waterproof if you NEVER have seen her without make up. haha

Syihab's eyes were watery and started to tear up due to too much chlorine in his eyes. This boy needs to learn to close his eyes at the right time!

Ice-cream break!



hahaha He made that face because it was way too bright but insisted on a photo. He said he wanted to hold her hand.

Well, here's the video!

After soaking in the water and sun for probably 6+ hours, naturally, we got hungry.
We were all "lebam", tanned and TIRED. As soon as we settled down, the kids fell asleep. This time, Thai food was yummy, especially their steamed fish. Yummy!

Mak, Jhon and I thought as soon as we reached the hotel and showered (thoroughly), that was the end of the day. But as the 3 of us were taking off to la-la land, Abg and family knocked on our door for supper. To be honest, I was a little annoyed because I was truly tired! I really went all out at the water park until I had muscle aches. =P

But, a'las, we gave in and went for supper. Luckily, the place was a 5 minute walk down the street, next to Petronas Petrol Station.

Too tired to cared really but I smelled food and suddenly I was in the mood to eat. We bought satay from ABMH and Ramlee burger from a push cart nearby.

Mind you ah, their Ramlee burger was TOP NOTCH, hokay!? 
Presentation: 10/10 Not like your usual bazaar burger
Taste: 10/10 Juicy, generous and delicious!

They even put a Singapore flag in commemoration of SG50. haha 
I am still craving for their burger, man.

My face with a mouthful of Ramlee Burger. Pardon my hairdo. Like I said, I was ready for bed and that was my night time routine hairdo. #onlybighairedgirlssunderstand

After supper, we headed back to the hotel and slept for real.

The next day, not surprisingly, my arms and legs were aching. I think I went overboard. It sucks when you are still a child at heart but your body isn't. haha Jhon, Mak and I woke up just for breakfast and slept for a few more hours before check out time. 

We also had lunch but not at last night's ABMH because they didn't have roti prata at that time so we walked until I don't know where. It was probably a 20 minutes slow walk away from the hotel. I didn't get any meal but teh tarik but Jhon got nasi goreng ayam which was delicious!

We didn't have any photos taken on the 3rd day which was the day we were leaving Johor. TIRED! And nothing much to take picture of anyways. Thankfully, heading home was smooth and fast. 

We had a wonderful time especially me and the kids at Legoland water park. I know it's not much a difference to other people but we kinda made a fuss about being tan. At the hotel, Abg overheard Syihab whispering to his brother that they are 'black' now and look like Indians. hahaha! Lucky he is only 5 years old. 

Thanks Abg and Kak Yana for bringing us along!


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