Lanterns & Sparklers

A while ago, I bought mini lanterns for myself to play with. Then on election day, all my nephews happened to be at home for the night so I decided to ask them to join me. Plus, I am aware it's weird to have a grown woman playing with a lantern & sparklers by herself.

Yes, I always shamelessly use my nephews to buffer my creep factor of enjoying children's toys & games even as a 31 year old woman.

Usually, if I have to handle the kids by myself, I always declare rules before anything else. One of the main rules was no running with the lanterns and sparklers and that they have to walk slowly and carefully.

As soon as they got their lanterns and started to walk, it was so funny!
You will get what I mean when you see the video.

I was so happy Irfan get to join the fun, even for a while.

Syihab looks like he is whispering to the lantern.

Shibly wanted a lantern race.

Sparklers time! I had sparklers left over from years back so I figure, use them as much as possible.

Happy Syihab.

Forlorn Syihab.

I also took the opportunity to vlog the entire thing for fun. It was a short video but it's the memories that counts.

Jhon also did some random light painting for fun with the sparklers.
We didn't get to do much because the kids wanted to 'exercise' and run around the exercise area.

It was a fun night. I was grateful it was not hazy so we could play and it's nice to able to play with the kids outside.


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