What type of Singaporean are you?

Are you the ‘Sibei On” in a patriotic way? If you are constantly updated with Singapore politics and always get your hands on National Day Parade tickets, perhaps you are.

Do you think you are the classic Singaporean who spends your days reminiscing the good ol’ Singapore? Like how you miss taking buying biscuits by grams from tin cans?

Or are you the ever infamous fellow ‘kiasu’ person, who is attracted to the word, FREE, like a moth to a flame and get everyone in the family to queue with you?

This is just my take on some of the types of Singaporeans but the best way to find out is via itsmyturn.sg where they have a quiz specifically for this. Before I share you my results, let me share a brief description on the website.

Itsmyturn.sg is a website in commemoration of the Total Defence (TD) Campaign! It’s my turn is a way to convey a message that it is our turn to take part for TD to make Singapore strong and secure! Now, before you go, “Haiyah.. Another boring total defence like in school” *brain auto shutdown*

Brain restart!! Don’t brush off TD too quickly because it all takes just a little effort to make a big difference. I know it sounds so cliché but it’s true. The TD campaign only wants you to focus on 2 things, to Appreciate and Participate. That’s all!

Appreciate every culture, history and what makes us, US! Participate with “Paying it forward” in mind. If you think you have no time or money to participate in welfare or community activities, simply being polite and helpful to fellow Singaporeans is always good enough.

What I like about itsmyturn.sg is they make Total Defence fun and light hearted. None like those information heavy talks you get from school. They have cartoon illustration results from their quiz to show what the common attributes of being Singaporean is. Aptly categorized under SPEAK, EAT, PLAY and DO.

They even have a REFLECT, PARTICIPATE section for reflecting everything about Singapore and ‘events’ you can participate in. ‘Events’ including ‘Sleep in Saturdays’ to ‘Look up’ ( to the sky). I told you the campaign is easy!

Anyways! Back to quiz which can be found on the website. There are 10 questions to answer and here is my result.

Take it Easy Singaporean

The first thing that comes to my mind is this. I am relaxed with a Singapore flag somewhere nearby. The lady next to me is my mom and I would imagine her being a Take it Easy Singaporean too. hehe

I think the result is somewhat true but let’s go through this meme style.

So am I a relaxed Singaporean? I think so too. I have those aspects that make me a typical Singaporean but I guess I try not to overdo it and embarrass myself. haha

Go to itsmyturn.sg turn.sg for fun information on being Singaporean and ways you can do to make Singapore a wonderful place to live in!



  1. ahahaha your last few pics seem to look like typical kiasu but still wanna act cool Singaporean. Whopps, maybe that's why I'm away from Singapore so no Singaporean can hit me >.<

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    1. Yup, that's the idea. Still a true blue Singaporean but still must act cool about it. hehe

  2. A hyper hectic Singapore lifestyle will change anyone who live there.

    1. It's true. My filipino bf has developed some Singaporean traits himself. We are adaptable species, no matter where we are, we will sooner or later developed that certain trait. =)