Narnia Found in Marina Bay Sands

The search for Narnia is complete!

It's not through a wardrobe in Europe but in Marina Bay Sands.

Most of the items exhibited were from the actual set of The Chronicles of Narnia. To see them up close is amazing, especially the silicon models of the fantasy characters such as Mr Tumnus.

The costumes and props were remarkably detailed and we can't help but stare in awe.

There were also some hands mini hands on activities. For example, building a bridge. I knocked them apart and timed Jhon as he built it up again. We get to touch and carry swords/amour and learnt a few things.

After exploring the exhibition, we decided to have lunch.
We ordered Turkish food with coconut drinks. Yummeh!

With filled stomachs, we headed outside and hanged out, enjoying the windy evening.

Science Museum at night with changing colors. Artistic or not? hehe

It was a nice date after Jhon came back from Philippines.
I miss going out with him.


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