Prawn Fishing for the 1st Time

Jhon and I escaped from our yearly Chinese New Year lunch by applying half day leave on the same day.
I do not wish to indulge why.

So, with the rest of the afternoon all for ourselves, what did we decided to do?


We have always wanted to try it but never seem to find the right time so there we were, committed to try this activity as we used to get bombarded with prawning pictures by our friends in Facebook.

I really don't know which place to go so I decided to go to the mostly mentioned location which is at Punggol. [click here for the website]

It was a long journey for us. From Eunos MRT to Paya Lebar to Serangoon to Sengkang and then a shuttle bus to the Marina Country Club. Luckily, we have no qualms with public transport and taking long rides unless we are super tired.

Since it was a Thursday afternoon, the place was expectantly quiet and serene, just the way we liked it.

We entered the Punggol Prawning place and I was grinning ear to ear because it was just us. It's always nice to have an entire place to yourself and be lost in your own world. Especially when you are clueless as for this case, in prawning. At least it's not embarrassing if anything went wrong.

We paid for a 3 hour session and asked the staff to teach us and off we went.

Now, my tolerance for patience is below than average so no doubt, in 15 mins, I was somewhat whining and saying that we will NEVER catch a prawn (a completely opposite story of what I believed before we arrived). Jhon tried to console me and true enough, 30 minutes since we started, Jhon caught one!

And in couple of minutes, I caught one too! The right one was mine. =)

I do understand the concept of fishing but never a big fan (refer 2 paragraphs above on why) and I do know the feeling of catching something is wonderful. But to actually experience it first hand, it was pure excitement.

Our drink and chicken heart bait for the prawns.

By 5pm, people had started to roll in and by this time, Jhon and I are already familiar with prawn fishing so I guess we were not so timid.

In 3 hours, we managed to catch 9 prawns and 4 of them were big ones. I would say it was pretty good for first timers. There was also another first timer with us and he got NONE. My mom and my brother caught none on their first time too.

Would we go prawn fishing again?
Hells yeah!! The feeling of catching and pulling in the prawns were so exhilarating and not so frustrating compared to fishing in the sea because the prawns are confined in a pond. hehe

Well, my mom cooked sambal prawns with our catch of the day. Of course, she added prawns bought from the market because I don't think 9 prawns can feed a family. =P

I don't know if it's just me or just the feeling of accomplishment, the caught prawns did taste different. They seemed to be much sweeter. Perhaps it was the chicken heart that makes it delicious compared to algae (is that what prawns eat? haha)

I can't wait to go prawn fishing again and this time, I am bringing my mom!



  1. wow.. prawn fishing.. me 1st time hear~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. It is quite fun. It's worth a try =)

  2. These prawns really knows how to eat~chicken heart as bait.

    1. Yes, they do which is weird. I heard their other fav. food is live earthworms too.

  3. Looks really fun! How much did it cost? I've got many friends who went prawning before, but I've not tried it myself personally.

    Followed your blog by the way.
    Do check out mine!

    1. Hi, Zyu. It IS fun mainly because we caught several prawns. =D You should join your friends or bring your family. On average, prawning rates are $15 per hour and $30 for 3 hours. You can go to for Punggol Prawning.

    2. Sounds like a pretty good deal! Might go with my friends during the holidays.

  4. your prawn is huge!! How did you remove the prawns from the fishing hook without the claws biting you? I had a hard time removing them!

    1. Yes! We were lucky to snag some big ones. My bf did the unhooking and he would hold on to the pincers with his forefinger and thumb while cradling the body with his palm and have his right hand unhook the hook.

      Alternatively, you can just pull off the claws with your hands or by stepping on them and you will be worry free by the claws. hehe That's how we did it, although the pros made it looked easier and harmless.