Kumar’s Amazing Race

As previously mentioned in my blog, Fizah, Jhon and I have bought tickets to Kumar’s Comedy Show.

And the day had arrived!

Initially, we planned to meet up a few hours early for a late lunch and perhaps walk around Esplanade while catching up things but we decided otherwise instead.

It was not a fantastic idea. Jhon and I arrived too early and Fizah arrived too late. So yup, we got our times all messed up but it turned out well in the end.

When you read Amazing Race, you would relate it to the reality show “The Amazing Race” or some sort of a running race. I won’t blame you because that’s what I initially thought too. When Kumar said Race, he meant the HUMAN Race like Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc.

As expected, Kumar was hilarious as ever; made everyone laugh, giggle and whatever you can find in the thesaurus that relates to laughing. There was no transmission and there was a clip with people being interviewed about being Indian. It was funny, in fact, there was 1 guy who should be a comedian too.

The end of the show was superb because there were groups of dancers dancing according to different types of the Indian Race and towards the end of the performance, of course, Kumar joined. I loved the outfits. I have always admired Indian traditional clothes because of the colours and sequins. I am the kind of person who would look left and right when we pass down the main road at Little India looking at the gorgeous outfits.

After the show, we walked around Marina Square. Actually, walked around is an over statement. Why? I rather keep it as a mystery.

Anyways, we ended up having dinner at Manhattan Fish Market which was a first try for Jhon and I. Food was up to par, I suppose. Jhon was crazy about their Cheese Fries and Barramundi Grilled Fish.

Being the old and tired responsible adults that we are, we went home right after dinner since we have work the next day.

Kumar is so awesome! There will be another comedy show, Happy Ever Laughter which consists most of our top local comedians including Kumar (of course), Najip Ali, Gurmit Singh, Selena Tan, Chu Enlai and More!

Guess who will be buying those tickets??? ;)




  1. Love Kumar? You can always visit Holland V. I remember he perform there like twice a week if not mistaken ;)

    1. Oh yes! At Three Monkeys, we shall plan to go there one day. =)