Kumar's Comedy Show

Ever since Fizah, Jhon and I got a taste of hilarious live comedy shows, we decided to have a constant look out for our favourite comedians' shows.

No doubt, Kumar is one of them.

So when I found out Kumar is doing a re-run of the Kumar's Amazing Race, without a beat, I told Jhon and Fizah about it and I bought the tickets the same night.

The event date is from 16th to 19th February 2012.

Don't waste time because in 2011, all his 5 shows were sold out!

You don’t want to miss Kumar as he sprouts all things Indian. From Taj Mahal Heroes to the Invention of the Number Zero. From the All-Embracing Karma Sutra to the All-Encompassing Centre Mustafa. From Ayurvedic Cures to Bollywood Scores. From Moneylender Loans to Call Centre Phones. From Old Ramayana Tales to New Turban Males!


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