Weekend Getaway to Desaru – Day 1

I thought I could squeeze a weekend getaway into 1 blog post and boy I was wrong. It was probably because there were so many pictures taken or it’s simply because our getaway was packed with fun and interesting activities! I would like to think it is the latter. =)

The morning started a little bumpy with a little confusion and the fact that we were stuck with a family with 3 NOISY little boys with parents who don’t know how to discipline. It was ironic because this trip was meant to be a treat for my mom who has been taking care of her 3 grandchildren who were also all boys. The big difference was that at least her grandchildren were much disciplined. I told her and Jhon not to let them ruin our break. It didn’t work very well though; my mom developed a mild headache.

Our first pit stop was the Crocodile Farm. Exciting, CAN? I love Crocodiles and Alligators! What was great is that the farm is an open enclosure so you can get real close to the crocs. So much so that if you stretch your arms out, a crocodile might jump and grab a bite! The ‘Pak cik’ there was wonderful. He kept calling me to stand by his side to get up close and personal with the crocs. Not only that, he kept calling for Jhon to take photos at strategic spots while he taunted the crocs.

At the end of the tour, I took a picture with a LIVE baby Croc. It was exciting but scary because the baby croc was slowly turning towards me as pictures were taken!

Next stop was the Desaru Fruit Farm + Mini Zoo + Bee Talk.

My mom was really looking forward for the fruit farm. But despite being fascinated with the abundance of fruits, it was a letdown for her because she wants to pick them. I had to constantly remind her that this is not THAT kind of farm and perhaps one day, I will bring her to one. Along with the disappointment, the afternoon sun was mean so she got tired half way through.

We managed to replenish ours energy with fresh pomegranate and soursop juice from the farm (which was AMAZINGLY delicious!) and moved along to the Mini Zoo and Bee Talk which is within the same compound.

The mini zoo, well, was mini but filled with all kinds of animals like goats, monkeys, rabbits, turtles, geese and also ostriches. Actually, there was only 1 ostrich and yes, if you look closely in the pictures, we saw a of pair geese getting their ♫chikka-pow-wow….♪ Hahaha

After that ermm… interesting scene, we were guided for lunch buffet. The food was pretty good and our stomachs were quite satisfied. Though I don’t understand why there was this butch keep getting rounds and rounds of servings of the 2 least delicious dishes. To each his own, I suppose.

After lunch, we went for the bee talk. When there are fruits, there are flowers therefore there are bees right? We were not interested in this because we had this bee talk when we went to Bangkok 2 years ago. So it was all “meh” to us.

By 2pm, it was the end of our tour and we were brought to Desaru Lotus Resort. The place was nice and rather relaxing but the room that we got, OH MY! It was 90% similar to how Jhon and I imagined our dream home to be! So you can tell we were happy.

One thing for sure, throughout the stay, I know for sure if I ever get to live in such a home, I will lose a lot of weight. Mainly because I always forget something while I am downstairs/upstairs so I always end up climbing up and down the stairs.

Jhon and I went to the ‘Water theme park’ which is to us, just a water playground and swam around at the pool while mom takes a nap from the tiring day. Oh yeah! Icing on the cake? Our room was just next to a pool!

When we came back, we ordered an early dinner and got ready for a tour outside of our main itinerary, Fire fly tour! It was funny because mom and I were just talking about it this morning and we ended up going for it that same night.

There were no photos for that tour because it was too dark and we were moving but it was BEAUTIFUL. It was scary at first because we had to take a boat ride into a pitch black swamp but when the fire flies came out, everything was forgotten. They reminded me of fairies floating in the darkness, simply remarkable.

After the tour, we went back to the resort and had small supper, relaxed and went to bed. I initially wanted to check out the funfair within the resort but after supper, putting my legs up on the sofa, I could feel the tiredness. It does not matter anyways. From Fizah’s previous trip, I know there were evil and creepy looking clowns lurking there. D=

[taken from her photo album]



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    1. Yes, it is but we dare not to get too close because we were afraid of being pecked. hehe

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    1. Interesting indeed. We had a lot of fun!