Voyage De La Vie at Resorts World Singapore

Thanks to Abg Jamil for giving us complimentary tickets. We had been pondering on Voyage De La Vie but we keep hesitating to a point we forgot about it.

Alas' we had a chance. We had to apply urgent half day leave so that we won't be rushing all the way to Sentosa from Simei after work. I love spontaneity!

We managed to get awesome seats which is right in front and the stage was grand.

[no photography allowed so these photos were taken from RWS main website]

While waiting for everyone else to be seated down, out of the blue, a touristy couple talked so LOUDLY in front of us. The first thing that I saw was the woman's butt. It was huge and comical. I started to doubt and knew it could be part of an act. It was hilarious can? They were running from the usher (actor), talking to the audience and making a scene.

Effort to entertain us while waiting for the show to start: Accomplished.

Anyways, Voyage De La Vie is a technically a circus show but with a twist. What makes it special and interesting is that it has a story line.

"In search of his destiny, a Young Man follows a wondrous red orb into a strange new world where several extraordinary characters will guide him on his Journey of Life."

My favourite parts of the show is of course the acrobatic stunts, bow shooting, contortionists and the lovely music from the guitar cello.

You what is the icing on top the cake? The main actor gave me a rose while singing the final song. I know he probably does that on every show but it's still nice! I told Jhon, "ahh.. this is the pleasure of being rich. Can get extra attention" Only rich people can afford expensive tickets mah.

So yup! After the show, we went home while taking several shots along the way.


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