Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Jeremy Lin

One is a boxer and the other is a basketball player. How do they connect when they are not even in the same type of sports? Unless there is a new sport that infuses boxing and basketball.

*ponders* I bet that would be interesting! Haha

Anyways, apparently, Jeremy Lin an upcoming Asian basketball player who is has been making news for his shots.

Now, I am not very knowledgeable with basketball but from what I know, Jeremy did manage to get pretty decent scores which lead his team (New York Knicks - NBA) to victory. So everyone went “WOW!! Fantastic!” and sang nothing but praises to Jeremy who was preciously just a bench boy.

Along came the boxing champion (champion only because he CHOOSES WEAK opponents) Floyd Mayweather with his tweet.

He was simply saying what is the big deal? Jeremy technically did not do anything special or unique. He was just doing what black guys do every game.

Of course, this started a mini commotion.

All I can say is.

If I tell you all cheetahs can run for 70km/h, isn’t that fascinating? That is their specialty so it just a common fact. Now, what if I tell you that someone found a gazelle which usually runs on average of 50km/h that runs at 70km/h? It’s an amazing fact because it’s something that is different and being up to par to the fastest animal in the world!

So Chinese guy who can play like a Black dude? THAT is fascinating and will attract praises beacuse it's something new compared to another Black guy doing his usual 'thang'.

 Just as fascinating it would be if there is a Black person who can swim and WIN the swimming Olympics.

I’m just saying that Floyd is just a bitter and egoistical man who is seeking for a little touch of lime light. He is always a talker like how he ALWAYS asked Manny Paqiao to fight and every time Manny agrees, there is always a stupid reason Floyd thinks of to avoid.

Floyd could be just sharing his 2 cents worth but he himself does not make sense and it does not help with his reputation as a “champion boxer” either.



  1. Miguel cotto? Shane mosley? Oscar dela hoya? Wouldn't call them weak opponents

    1. I meant weak compared to Floyd himself. =)