Butt Aching Road Trip in Johor

My mom, ‘that guy’, Abg Jamil, Jhon and I went to Johor for Hari Raya shopping. Although the trip was fruitful but the main focal point would be the butt aches throughout the journey.

The itinerary was starting the day at 7am, head to Tesco Extra Plentong. Kota Tinggi, Ayer Hitam and Pasir Pandan to break our fast if time permits.

It was a decent plan especially with a seasoned driver; I would think it would be a smooth ride but NOPE! Journey to Tesco was fine. Most items bought were from Tesco, especially the groceries.

Towards Kota Tinggi was pretty alright too although it was a still a long journey because he made a wrong exit.. We didn’t buy any outfits there because they looked so ‘orbit’ with too much patterns going on but we did roamed around (under the merciless hot sun) to see if we could find other things. This is where mom bought most of her scarves and got flowers for our house.

I had already informed Jhon to be aware if he wishes to break his fast in the noon in Malaysia because I heard some of the Muslims there hold grudges if they see someone eat (even if they are non-Muslim) He just had to eat/drink in the car. Surprisingly, Jhon decided to fast the entire day which was a first! I was so proud of him and he was not cranky at all!

I digress.

So the journey to Ayer Hitam was disaster! We were lost beyond words. We kept asking for directions but they tend to say, “go straight…” but at different directions. -_- What could have been a short journey became a 3+ hour ride.

It was really not THAT bad because we were just sitting in an air-conditioned car and had short naps in between but what was disappointing, after every 2-3 hours ride when we reached our destination, we only spent 30-45mins at that location.

Ratio sitting to walking was crazy!

I kept on trying to be grateful but I can’t deny the butt aches. Not only that, we took the wrong turn again to Pasir Pandan and spent another 2 hours on the road. APE DAH!! Even my mom was in disbelief for a seasoned driver to get lost at locations he frequently visits. -_- Don’t know ah.

We ended up buying drinks and kaya buns to break our fast in the car while heading home. We made a pit stop at Geylang to have a proper dinner at Rex and ended the day.

Mom wanted to go Melaka this week.

After that ride, I don’t think I am that eager to follow again any time soon.

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