Shopping at Bukit Indah

Jhon and I went to Bukit Indah, Johor to look for some clothes and maybe accessories. If we got money to spare, we might buy a pair of shoes for Jhon; at least, that was the deal. We headed out at 8:15am all the way to Jurong Bus Interchange to take bus CW3. The day was brighter than usual.

The journey was quite smooth with a small crowd as expected at 10am and as soon as we reached Bukit Indah, we attacked Secret Recipe for brunch. We were HUNGRY!

I ordered 3 Cheeses Spinach Lasgne with Iced Honey Lemon Tea while Jhon ordered Beef Stew Steak with Mushroom Black Pepper Sauce with Iced Latte Mocha. We also ordered spring rolls and we gobbled that up first in a minute. Haha

This is obviously not my first time for a quick trip to Johor but this is definitely the first time I actually shopped as intended! The last time I went there, I bought 1 hair scrunchy. But this time, many-many stuff wor! I practically used 99% of money brought in when usually I used 1%.

My buy of the day would be my polka dotted fitted baju kurung bought at S$24. I love it how it fits me and it freaking breathable! Jhon found a songkok while waiting for me to try my clothes. I had to take a shot. Pardon the blurriness because I don’t usually do this. Shy and embarrassed to be caught in the act. Haha

Jhon is also considering on buying a blazer for our company's dinner and dance in September since he overgrew his coat jacket. He tried it on for fun and we would probably come again as the date comes closer.

By 4pm, we were done. Subtracting hours we used to eat, I suppose it was quite fast but then again, I am a fast shopper. We headed home when the sun was still shining brightly. Frankly speaking, we prefer this way because there is less traffic and journey home wouldn’t seem so dreadful.

Anyways, we had a wonderful time. Jhon was the one empty handed this time but he was happy that I bought stuff for myself since I hardly do.


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