Our Quest for A&W

So one day, I posted this on my Facebook.

Yes, there were 64 comments but mostly nonsense shared between 4 people. Haha

For non-Singaporeans, you may not think it is a big deal but it IS!! A&W was closed since 2003 and up to now, I still don’t get it why they don’t gain profit because as a teen, A&W was my go to fast food restaurant compared to MacDonalds/KFC. I just love those chickens!

Anyways, long story short, Fizah did a research on how to go to the nearest A&W in Malaysia. Up to now, I am so grateful that she did all the research by herself and wanted to go to a spontaneous and adventurous trip when usually, I am the one who has to do all the research.

You see, we have never venture Johor without a car with our families except for City Square by bus. And some of you would know, City Square is just next to the Malaysian check point. That is how far we have been!

Fizah found out that there is an A&W at Bukit Indah and there is a 1 straight bus there from Jurong Bus Station!! Perfect for nervous bugs like us. Of course, Jhon came along too as our bodyguard. Keke

So on Saturday morning, we met at 9am 9.45am and took bus number CW3 via Tuas Link. We had to pay SGD4 per pax in cash.

The journey was rather smooth and there were not many people. It was definitely a less stressful journey.

When we reached Malaysian check point to proceed to Bukit Indah, we had a rocky start with the bus service and passengers. It was complicated to explain so fast forward…

For all we know, WE WERE AT BUKIT INDAH AEON! Fizah and I were jumping for joy like little kids who found candy land. Jhon was indifferent =S What do you expect from a non-Singaporean? Lol

Okay, something happened afterwards. I was half-hearted about sharing this because it was embarrassing but it's what make the quest 'interesting' lol. I will just make it short in hopes to make it less awkward. Lol

All I can say is DO NOT TRUST THE A&W MAP which shows this.

Please take note of the address and not blindly rely on the map.

That is all.

So we finally got our A&W food!! YAHOO!!


We ordered Coney dogs with their infamous curly fries and root beer float. BURP!

I also declared that we shall have our dinner at A&W again so I can eat their chicken! Bwahaha!

So after lunch, we roamed around the huge mall. Somehow, we found ourselves an arcade within a department store which was weird but their games where awesome can!? Particularly a pirate game which Jhon and I played. We had Fizah sat in between of us as the person in charge of the token dispenser but it turned out the steering wheel in front of her is usable and she had to help! It was crazy fun! I believe we attracted a lot of kids with our laughter and screams. =P

lol for fun!

After the arcade, we went back to adult business. Jhon got himself a good looking checkered shirt while Fizah bought baby clothes for her pregnant sis and went berserk with shawls which will use as head scarves.

I can’t blame her because they all look great and at great prices!

Me, well…… I bought 2 hair bands. Hahahaha typical me.. I know.. I just come for the food hokay!?

After a while, we got tired so we had our early dinner. The chicken was even more delicious than I last remembered! I want more!

We were supposedly supposed to get waffles with ice-cream before we head back to Singapore but Jhon got too cranky from tiredness so we decided to give it a pass since we can always come back later.

A&W, we WILL be BACK!

Thanks again, Fizah and sorry to Jhon if we pushed you too far until you get too tired. =P


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