Organizing Wedding Appointments and Dates

There are so many ways to organize wedding appointments and dates, from an actual book organizer to write on, typing in the built- in handphone/ table calendar, download an app or use an Excel sheet. To each it's own because everyone has their own preference and ease of usage.

I don't know how other BTB organised their wedding appointments and dates but I use Excel calendar template for mine. Since I use Excel for planning anyways, I figure I would just squeeze everything in 1 file.

Here's my calendar layout thus far. The template name is Business Calendar (any year, Mon - Sun) from Excel and I edit to cater to my needs. You just type in the year and all the dates are set up accordingly. If you wish to do 2 in 1 sheet like mine, you can copy and paste as values per year unless you are an ace in calendar formulas.

[click to enlarge]

I love it because I can see everything with just 1 look without flipping or clicking additional things.
Having an organizer is ideal especially if you are forgetful or anal tentative in having everything in order. Unfortunately, I am both. It's always good to have everything in check so you know what is coming up next and feel a little bit more in control.

It's also useful if you have a forgetful fiance who keep asking even though you had mention it more than 4 times already. -_-

That's where Dropbox comes in. You save it in your computer/laptop and you can access it via handphone. You can even share the folder with your fiance so if he ever ask the same thing again, tell him to please refer to Dropbox folder. hehehe It's also useful for reference when you are discussing with your family or even vendors. Less hassle since your handphone is always with you.

Of course, with every online file saving, there's always precautions needed. Obviously wedding plans is nothing compared to nude leaks like Apple's icloud issue but it still will freak out any BTB so ALWAYS back it up in your own computer/ laptop hardisk.

Anyways, back to my Excel calendar,

Yellow highlight box: Public Holidays
Red lined box: Important dates
Light blue lined box: Event to take note of.

Sorry for some secrecy. I wish to book and make it official before sharing.

I got to say, this is one of the vertebrae of  the wedding planning spine. It definitely keeps me sane to have things in order (at least for now) and Jhon also has confidence because he also don't want to me miss out on anything. I bet he absolutely loves it that he can be a little bossy yet can 'escape' by saying that he knows very little about Malay weddings. NYEK!


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