Snow City

After so many years, I managed to go to Snow City at Jurong. Perhaps it is the acceptance of the fact that there is a high probability that I will never get to travel to a country where there is snow.

So "snow bedek pun jadi ah"
[Fake snow will do]

Thanks to, I managed to get 40% off for the tickets and since we applied leave so that Jhon can renew his Philippine passport at the Philippine Embassy, we decided to go to Snowcity right after that.

The day really started shitty because when we reached there, the counter for renewal was closed and we found out that only 150 applicants are allowed everyday. -_-

Thankfully we had other plans so after breakfast and a quick detour in town, we headed to Jurong.

I was so excited okay? The kid in me came out again.

I knew the place was very small so I already warned Jhon to not expect too much like a theme park or something. I am just going there for the snow and 3 storey high slide.

And yup, it is small, it only consists of a snow chamber and big snowy slide at the side but as soon as I entered the place, I was estactic.

I can see my breath!!!
 I even made the corny joke and pretended that I am smoking. (obviously a non-smoker haha)

So we took several photos, I made believed that I built a snowman by adding snow on the plastic model and Jhon.

Pretended we have an igloo house.

Played with our pet polar bear.
I look so joyful but damn, the jacket makes me look chubby. haha

And went riding in a snowmobile.
This is my favourite picture, we look really good and happy!! Oh yeah, and look very rich. =P

Speaks in an English accent "Oh this is us in Aspen on our snowmobile"

Naturally, we went sliding and I was the only one at the entire place, laughing out loud and giggling as I went down while others showed their muted smiles. Boring ah! They made me look like a mad woman but I don't care because it was really that fun!

After I sled several more times, Jhon told me his ears and nose are getting too numb so we left the place for our free hot chocolate and collect our photos.

The place was small but we still had a wonderful time. All I can say is that just bring out the kid in you, enjoy the snow and company and you will have a blast.



  1. Aww looks fun. I didn't know there's a offer @ Outlet. I live near Jurong and I have never been there before! ><

  2. I have always wanted to go there and it was my first time. You should go there sometime =)

  3. I have visited the one in Genting but I wanna visit this one too!! =`)

  4. That's nice but I bet the Genting's is much better than this hehehe