Happy Happy Birthday to Me..... ♫

Thanks to SIL, I got myself a birthday family outing/party! yahoo! We spent our day at East Coast Park. Some of us took a dip in the sea, some played with the sand, some just sat around and others enjoying the breeze.

It's hard to have Sis and family to join our outings so I was happy to have them around. Now we are just 1 person short. =(

I have been wanting to play in the sand for the longest time so believe me when I went crazy. Thanks for still managing to get good snap shots of me, Jhon. hehehe I managed to make 3 types of sand castles/ models and was sweating like crazy. 

Talking to invisible friend. haha

Picnic-picnic with Mee Goreng! 

Lepas tu, continue playing with the sand. The sun made Jhon look like a naughty China man.

Then we buried Shibly and Syihab. Irfan didn't wanted to participate. He said it will get him dirty. haha Go figure.

Behind the scenes.

Butt crack!

Irfan had superman moments with daddy.


After beach time, they went to play with the skateboards. I love their helmets!

After that, I got my fun time of finally trying out the surrey. You know, the bicycle that seats 4/5 adults and 3 kids. It's called a surrey, had to google it =P

While renting one, I managed to snag the last one and not only that, I found $50 bucks! Syiok because renting the surrey at East Coast Park cost me $40! So thank you stranger who lost the $50. Thanks for the birthday present. hehe 

Jhon and I cycled with Mom, Sis, BIL and kids the first round. It was a tough because they are heavier group and lazy to cycle. -_-

The 2nd and longest round was with Bro and SIL and kids because they are the active group so we cycled like the wind! It was so hilarious because everyone was casually cycling and we cycled as if we were in a race. Not only that, the entire surrey, shelter and all would rapidly bounce up and down as we pumped every kick. 

Definitely, the best part of the day. hehehe 

Actually, I expected the day to end before evening but before I knew, it was getting dark and we have not officially celebrated my birthday. SIL bought rainbow cupcakes and it was YUMMY! No kidding! It was better than the over-rated cupcake brands we all know.

This is taken before he dropped the lollipop in the sand and had it in his mouth for 1 second.

After few cupcakes, we packed up and headed to some random coffee shop to have supper. I didn't order anything because I was more to thirsty and I think everyone just wanted their coffee fix.

It was a great 30th birthday because I get to act like a 03 year old. hehe


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