Wedding Directional Signs Ideas

Among all the wedding details in a wedding, this may be the most I don't give much thought to it. Every couple is different. Some want their wedding themes fit to the T but for me a simple one will do.

With that said, I DO appreciate those really nice directional signs like these...

Cool pe?

It's cool and does adds to the atmosphere. It can DIY with the right resources or sometimes, some decor vendors can provide for you.

There's nothing wrong having a normal poster too. Some card vendors like Cards Maison also do directional posters or just go to a printing shop with your design to print.

As for me, no need to go printing shop even. We were thinking of buying 2-3 pieces of pretty stationary paper, type with pretty font, print it, laminate, punch holes and voila!

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Just tie it with cable tie and decorate with 2 bunga manggar sticks. We are drafting it at the moment so when it's ready, for sure, I will share it here.


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