Our Wedding Song

Music holds a part in our lives. We sometimes use it as a theme song in our daily lives to make it interesting. Whether daydreaming in the bus, singing randomly because you are such in a good mood or that specific song that reminds you of your loved ones.

Music is generally always played during special occasions and that includes a wedding but what makes it different is that ONE (or two) special song that will be played at a specific moment. For Western weddings, it would played during their first dance as a married couple.

For Malay weddings, macamana eh?

Usually, it's played during the second grand entrance with a different outfit and/or during cake cutting. This is not a must. You can ask the DJ to play any song but if you want to specific, you can tell your DJ the song and when to play it.

So what will our song will be?

Since our first main ceremony outfit will be in Malay traditional clothes and to be followed by kompang, we wish to have our Pinoy clothes accompanied with Pinoy music.

Our song in Pinoy song is Minamahal Kita by Parokya Ni Edgar. Yes, it does have lovey-dovey history which I won't indulge here. haha Anyways, I love Parokya Ni Edgar's songs to a point we did went to their concert when they visited 6 years ago!

Initially, we feared that the beats might be too fast for us to walk down the aisle. Yes, we practiced and it was so funny! But I guess, we don't have to walk according to the beat per say.

We also considered english songs like Alanis Morissette's Head Over Feet our 2nd lovey-dovey song.

And our 3rd lovey-dovey song even though it's not exactly a song. lol It's Tim Minchin's You Grew On Me. When I heard the song, all I could think was Jhon. Tim does musical comedy so the song was hilarious, gory but relatable to me! Listen and you might understand. haha

The pace is slow but when we practiced with the song, we can't stop giggling because of the lyrics. lol

We also love More than a feeling by Boston. BUT I realized it's actually a sad song although the chorus is perfect.

We have other songs in mind but I think it's all boiled down to these 3. I guess we will truly make up our mind as the date comes closer.


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