Appointment with Gubahan Cinta

This would be the first time Jhon and I meet Kak Wannie from Gubahan Cinta. Initially, we did considered DIY our dulang hantaran but after much consideration, we decided to forgo it. Being the last of the family to get married, I don't think I know what to do with several trays afterwards.

Items we finally decided to exchange are:

                                            For her                                          For Him
                                           💕 Ring & Mahar                         💕 Ring
                                           💕 Duit Hantaran                         💕 Quran & Sejadah
                                           💕 Telekung & Sejadah               💕 Garmin & Sunglasses
                                           💕 Action Camera                         💕 Camera

No need to be so specific until THE day lah, eh? So basically, we are exchanging 4 trays as previously agreed. It's not to prove anything but just the fact that I don't always want stuff and deciding what I want (even for my birthday) is hard for me.

We met Kak Wannie at 8:30pm at her place and there's where we discussed about the items, color, design and such. The appointment didn't last more than an hour and Kak Wannie and her youngest daughter was so nice and accommodating.

In the end, besides ordering trays from her, we also ordered sireh dara & a flower bouquet. Jhon and I always go back and forth on whether should we DIY our bouquet, buy from Versari Ade or from Gubahan Cinta. When I knew about her price, I was like OKAY GO! I forgot to ask her about sireh lat-lat but it's easy to DIY so it's no issue.

It's so nice to know within 1 appointment, we have settled 3 items.


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