It's been a long time coming and it's one of the worries/ stress Jhon and I had which is whether his family is coming to our wedding or not.

It's not a matter if they wanted or not but if they could.

It is without a doubt that it's best that his family is around to witness our wedding. Unfortunately, no one in his family has a passport. What makes things worst, his mom does not have her birth certificate which would make the application even more tedious.

Philippines' passport application is unlike Singapore. In a week, the Singapore passport would be in our hands. There, such speed only applies to senior citizens and the average wait for others is 1 month.

On top of the case of the missing birth certificate, it actually took Jhon's mom more than 6 months to get it all processed. No doubt, as the date gets closer, Jhon and I got more and more pessimistic because not until recently, we didn't know when everything will be processed. It's a mean waiting game.

It was only 2 months before our wedding, Jhon's family told him that they got their appointment to apply and after applying, will be receiving their passports at different appointed dates. Unfortunately although expected, Jhon's brother will not be following because he is swamped with projects and someone has to take care of the many pets they have at home.

But Jayden is coming! I finally get the see my cute Pinoy nephew who looks like he weighs a ton. lol This picture is him at 8 months old. By the time he visits us, he is about 1 year 4 months old.

 Of course, I am excited about Jhon's parents and sister too. They will experiencing their first flight and visit outside of Philippines! I am so going to take them to the touristy places and I hope they will enjoy it too. As much as they had accommodate to me when I visited them.

As I am writing this, they had already book their flights while waiting for their passports. I hope everything will go smoothly. I need to plan their itinerary!


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