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Wedding Guestbook!

Sometimes I want to forgo this because who REALLY sign guestbooks? Majority of the guests are always busy photo taking, eating, socializing, singing and eating... lol Even if they do, it's always the standard "Selamat Pengantin Baru! Semoga kekal hingga ke jannah" or something similar.

I remembered for my sis's wedding, I did a DIY album with personal photos. Guests get to see their photos throughout their relationship and also sign on it. I had to keep reminding guests to sign and we still had a lot of empty pages left. haha

Wedding guestbooks are definitely a westernized concept because during my parent's time, there's no such thing. It probably came about because sometimes guests missed the bride and groom so they sign on the book as a sign of proof of their attendance. This is clearly before everyone has a camera unless you make the photographer take a picture of you at the wedding lah.

It then evolved to those scrap booking versions which I personally find too gaudy.


Wedding guestbooks are now getting more and more creative. Thank you internet so we can get ideas from super creative people within a click!

Polaroid/ Photo Guestbook 

You can do this DIY if you have your own Polaroid or borrow someone's. Have small table setup and get friends or family to manage it. Nowadays, people engage actual vendors for this and this also evolved to a standard photo booth where you have an option to ask your guests to sign next to their photos.


Rustic Guestbook

Unless you are handy with your hands, you can DIY or buy it at Etsy. I find this pretty cool and is readily framed for your decorate your place. Clearly, this is for a very small wedding unless you want a humongous frame in your home. haha


Not Guestbook but Guestpainting?

I have no idea what would this be called but instead of signing on a book, you make an artsy wall art frame thingy and ask guests to sign on the available place. Most common theme for this are trees and leaves.


You can make it fun too by asking the guests to put their fingerprint with colors of their choice.
[insert identity thief jokes here] I remember a local bride did this and it was a riot with the makcik pakcik. Good for her!

Wishes and Advises in a Bottle/ Box

I am inclined to this idea. Guests are encouraged to write more than "Congratulations on your wedding!" They can write advises for the newly married couple, what to expect or even try to foretell the future if they would be having kids by the first year. hehe It's also very easy to DIY. Buy a bottle/ box and set up a sign and dah.


There are more ideas such as signing on pebbles (mana nak simpan batu-bata? haha), sign on a quilt, sign on a shirt and more. Depending on how you relate to them and related to your wedding theme.

I don't think I want a another photo book with my official wedding photo albums nor want a guestbook that I have to hang on my wall. Like I said, I like the message guestbook thingy. So we will be heading to Spotlight or something to find the right items real soon.


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