Our 2nd Appointment with VideoSmith

Read our 1st appointment with Videosmith here.

So it's our last appointment with Videosmith until our wedding day which is of today, 1 months time! Yikes!

For this appointment, we just went through our itinerary, watched a completed wedding video, discussed about what is going to happen, answer any questions or doubts and chit chat.

Note for those who are hiring videographers or even photographers, please give them a heads up for any broken family dynamic. At least, they are well prepared and know what are the dos and don'ts when it comes to your family. I told them mine and they were grateful because there were situations they were caught off guard.

So far, we are so lucky to have wonderful, friendly and sincere vendors to work with. Umi and Fad is definitely in the top 3 best people we worked with. They are professional yet down to earth and open. I was more than happy to know that Fad himself will be the videographer of the day which will make us more relaxed since we are comfortable with him.

We had the option having our second deposit 1 month before or 1 week before the wedding. Since there is no need for another appointment 1 week before, we placed our second deposit. No need to waste time to meet again just to pay. hehe

All we need to do now is pass Umi family/ friends' contact number so she can brief them for the 'interview' or talking sessions.

1 month to go everybody! Here comes the chaos.


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