Malay Weddings: All-in-1 Packages or À la Carte?

In the beginning, like any to-be-wed couples, Jhon and I also considered on whether should we get those all in-one-packages or go à la carte for our wedding. I considered the pros & cons and of course, price differences.

But let's go through the advantages and disadvantages of both together for the newer BTB and GTB okay?

All-in-1 Packages

❣ Less research needed
Besides researching for vendors that do such packages, there's not much else research to do. Since majority of the stuff are already in the main package. Less hassle!

❣ Convenient
This is a no brainer. Having all the vendors under one roof is convenient because you have to deal with lesser appointments, lesser receipts and lesser considerations. Not to mention you don't have to go to more than 5 different vendor offices that may be all over Singapore.

❣ Save costs
This depends on the packages and vendors engaged so make sure you go through the description carefully. With that said, vendors do absorb some costs of the smaller components of the wedding. Such as candy corner, photo booth, bunga rampai, etc. Note that not all vendors covers everything though.


❣ Can't be picky
This depends on the couple. If you are not very particular on every aspect of a wedding, it would not be an issue. BUT if you have intentions of having the wedding of your dreams or even has specific criteria, all-in-packages may not work for you. Unfortunately, it's difficult to have the 'best' of everything. Beautiful decor may not guarantee delicious food or bridal and vice versa. Then again, preferences varies.

À la Carte

❣ Achieve the wedding of your dreams
Different vendors has their signature style, whether it is photography, decor, food or bridal. Having to choose vendors of your choice for your specific tastes makes it easier to achieve the wedding you have been dreaming of.

❣ More research needed
There are practically thousands of wedding vendors out there which one is the right one? If you know exactly what you want, it would be an easier job but still require plenty of time and effort. Rule of thumb is to book minimum 1 year before your wedding so you probably need to start researching way before that.

❣ Save Costs
À la carte weddings can save costs too because you can decide which vendor you wiling to splurge on and which you are willing to budget with. If you want to budget all the way also can! You will be surprise how much you can save with proper research.


❣ Dealing with many vendors
Vendors galore meant appointments galore! Not that you will having appointments upon appointments, lah. Depending on each vendor, they require 2 appointments on average. Not to mention you have to sort the receipts and make sure everything is in check.

Initially, Jhon and I were tempted to get those all-in-one packages especially with Pu3 Wedding Services when we met at a wedding expo. Jhon was jumping up and down for the mere convenience. Lucky for my need of screening every letter and full stop and the fact we found out the lady had made a mistake and that the cost was over our budget especially for our small wedding. I knew there and then, I rather go à la carte. Mostly because I can decide what I exactly want design wise and cost wise.

I hope I help in some way or another with this post.

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