NKF's Pawfect Health Day

Last year, Jhon and I signed up for NKF's Pawfect Health day but it was postponed because of the haze for safety reasons. It was pushed all the way to March 2016.

The event was at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park Grand Lawn and the event revolves around fun for pets and us. There was  B2K Dog Obstacle Challenge,  NKF Obstacle Challenge, Most beautiful pet contest , Pet Adoption Drive, Hamster Race, Kidney Walk among performances and booths.

The main reason we went it's because our love of animals and was look forward to the B2K Dog Obstacle Challenge and Most beautiful pet contest. We may be  Muslims and we have strict rules about touching dogs but that does not mean we hate dogs eh? Plus, I do have sabun sertu just in case.

Of course, the first one I zoomed for is the kitty booth by Pet Safari. I think throughout the entire event, I only saw 5 cats and poor things, panting in the hot sun despite of their ice packs.

One of the iconic doggies there.

When we arrived, the event had already started for a good 30 minutes so we didn't miss that much. The crowd was not at it's fullest yet but booths and the obstacle races were full with eager people.

Dogs up for adoption where hanging around at their respective booths. I am glad this time, I didn't teared up because I was mentally ready. My level of empathy is very high.  Look at these happy doggies!

The sky was blue with some clouds wandering by. It was hot and humid but it was windy. YEY!

One of my favorite dogs there! And apparently, it liked me too. It stood so close to me, literally next to me waiting to be pet. But sorry, doggy, I can't. I bet people are wondering why this 'Chinese' lady don't want to pet her when it's begging for one.

So cute that I don't care it's blur.

This badass is actually blind because she is 12 years old. What I love about her is her spunk. She roamed around the area as if she is not blind. Sniffing and smiling and also pooping. lol

Maybe the happiest dog there with it's little bandit.

The pet obstacle race. I imagined the dogs would be more trained, jumping through  hoops like Superman, weaving through the poles like The Flash but they are just regular dogs the owners make them join. That does not mean it's boring though! There were laughable moments when the dogs refused to go through the tunnel or when the owner actually jumped over the hurdle (while wearing the dress) and the dog just watched. hahaha

By evening, Jhon and I just rested on a small stage and this kitty joined. This kitty had ran and hid to us because it was not very comfortable. I mean, look at her face.

And the walk starts!

Apparently, this guy is known in this kind of community. He owns a parrot, dog, a rabbit and a cat!

Paris Hilton kind of dogs. haha

The walk was a short one so before making a round back to the event, Jhon and I lingered sideways to head home not before checking this place out.
How come we didn't know about this place ah? It's so beautiful! Kites were flying, children were catching guppies, it was not crowded and people were friendly.

Anyways, that was it. Jhon and I just walked randomly and found a bustop and found ourselves at Junction 8 for dinner and headed home. I'm glad we attended the event. I've never been that close to dogs before. I like dogs but they can be unpredictable base on how trained they are. The dogs in my area especially in my block are so bad though. Barking at people and what is worst, the person walking the dog wouldn't do anything about it!

Well, here's my vlog of the day!


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