Syihab's Birthday Trip to Legoland Waterpark, Malaysia Part 1

Last year, we visited Legoland theme park for Shibly's birthday.

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This year, it's Syihab's turn but at Legoland waterpark! It was a 3D2N trip and it's to celebrate Syihab's 5th birthday. Kak Yana handled the entire trip so the rest of us just enjoy ourselves.

Our trip started at 10 am from our house and fast forward to a 5 hour public holiday jam, we finally arrived at Hallmark Regency Hotel. Yeah, this year we didn't stay at fancy Legoland hotel but to a much affordable hotel that is about 15-30 minutes drive to Legoland itself.

[Google maps pic]

The hotel is obviously smaller than Legoland hotel lah but since we will be spending most of our time out of the hotel, it does not matter. All that matters is that the rooms are clean and proper.

Spot the tired lady.

My last day with my fair skin before I get tan the next day at the water park until don't know how many months to revert to natural skin color. Before my pre-wedding photoshoot, I hope.

We settled down for a while and walked down to Pelangi Plaza. It was only a 5-10 minutes walk down a slope, pass the Petron gas station.

Pelangi Plaza had a lot of furniture shops especially in the upper stores but they had Cold Storage and other restaurants and eateries.

Eventually, we picked Nando's.

Actually, I was been sick for the past 2 weeks before the trip but 'cun-cun' felt better the day before the trip except for a lingering cough. But as for Syihab, he was on and off sick again and the first day of the trip was no different. All I can say is this boy is strong.

After Pelangi Plaza, we headed to Holiday Plaza for some light shopping. The last time I was there was when I was a teen. I remembered in the past, the place was dominated by pirated VCD/DVD shops but now, it's all handphone accessories shops.

They are waiting for me paying for my brand new slippers. kekeke

At about 5+pm, we took separate cabs and headed to Pasar Borong Pandan City for the REAL shopping lol. Of course, that does not apply to me. I just followed the other true shoppers buying sport shoes, sunglasses, toys etc.

We had 'Thai' dinner within the compound but everything was way too spicy, even the kangkong and I am talking about chili padi spicy. The cats there were way too cute and smart. One of them literally would stand on it's hind legs to gently paw my lap for food. No pictures of them because when the food arrived, we just ate and Jhon & I were busy feeding the cats.

I wished I had followed my instincts to bring cat food. I am definitely taking a mental note to bring cat food even though I am travelling abroad.

We ended the outing with eating durian by the street. The group was funny actually. Mak and Bro loves durian, Jhon and Kak Yana dislikes it. As for me, I LOVE durians but somehow, as I age, I grew allergic to it. I can't engulf myself in the velvety smooth and sweet durian anymore! But just to satisfy myself, I will indulge myself with 1 or 2 seeds. Kesian kan?

Abg says "Ooooooo it looks goooood"

Everyone so naughty trying to capture my 'syiok' face as I slowly enjoyed my 1 durian seed.


Trying to get a cab from Pasar Pandan was slightly stressful because we didn't know where to get one! You see, usually, people drive or ride here and we 'step' adventurous and cab here. As night falls and everyone was tired, stress lah.

Eventually, we walked out of the area, found a dark (no lights on!) and creepy overhead bridge to cross and within 1 minute, we managed to get 2 cabs safely back to the hotel. Alhamdulillah.

We cleaned up, rested and ended the night, conserving energy for the main itinerary of the trip the next day.


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