Birthday Trip to Legoland, Malaysia Part 3

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Finally, we had reached to the last part.

After exploring the theme park, there was no doubt that everyone was utterly exhausted. But before officially exiting the place, we made a quick mandatory stop at their shops. I had already bought my souvenir as soon as we entered so I was pretty much done. I got myself 2 bedek gold plated Lego man and brick. I had my eyes set on shirts but the ladies' shirts didn't exactly fit my style compared to the men's shirts. What is new? sighs

After much shopping, we finally exited and searched adamantly for a place to eat. Surprisingly, there plenty of restaurants to choose from, more than what their website states. 

Muka penat.

Muka penat.

Muka happy tapi penat.

Muka happy. We were checking out the videos I recorded.

After dinner, we FINALLY checked in the LegoLand Hotel. Bro and family got the Adventure room while Mak, Jhon and I got the Kingdom room. Looks wise, Kingdom room looks extravagant. It is a royalty room after all.

Every room comes with a King sized bed, a kid's double-decked beds with separate TV and even random Lego games to play within such as Lego bricks and a treasure chest to unlock. I also love the little touches of Lego here and there like a random spider in the bathroom, Lego packaged toiletries, etc. 

As mentioned by Kak Yana, Jhon and I expectedly had solved the code and opened the treasure chest within a few minutes after we entered the room. lol


Bro and family visited us (our rooms were at different floors) and requested us to their room because they can't solve their code. lol

The next day, we had breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant. The atmosphere was alright, just like the food served. Food was really a hit and miss for some. We separated for a while to meet up again to go to the swimming pool but since my roommates and I basically had packed and morning people, we hung around the entertaining area right outside the restaurant.

Jhon and I started with playing with the giant but soft Lego blocks and I ended up playing Xbox 360 Kinect with my Mom. It was free flowing of Just Dance (dunnowhatnumber) and only the shy kids were left. Since there were not many people anyways, Mak and I took part and it was fun, fun, fun. 

Eventually, we met up with half of the party at the swimming pool where I managed to try out the handphone underwater. I was still a noob so these were the best shots I got. lol Anyways, the swimming pool was, well, just a standard swimming pool. It was a little disappointment only because every aspect of the hotel was to the T and suddenly the swimming is liddat only. 


lol Water makes my body look so bloated.

I told Jhon, he looked like a floating dead body. lol

The Legoland trip was really fun for the kids and the young at heart. No doubt, you will be tired but it would be a good kind of tired. I can't wait to venture the waterpark one day!

Oh yeah, we had a picture of the dragon after all. hehe


We later merayap at Aeon, Johor for some light shopping and grubbing. Sempatt...


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