10th Shawal, 2015

As usual, it was only 1 week later we jalan raya.

But first...

Kita pakai matching-matching and I have no idea why I look so tua here. hur hur hur
If you told me years before I would wear matching Hari raya clothes with my significant other, I would vomit but here I am, eating my vomit words. lol I guess it's really love? hahahah

I wasn't ready, bargh. But nvm.

First house was Auntie Gayah's house.

Shibly and Syihab macam conjoined twin.

Yes, must have full body shot.

Pak Hitam's House with awesome possum cookies!

Pak Busu's house.

Of course, we visited Kak Yana's mom.

After that, we parted way with Kakak to visit one of Kak Yana's closest friend/ collegue. Mostly because Abg is our ride home and Mak also followed because of reasons.

Turned out to be one of the best house we visited. Their house was so simple and refreshing. Kak Fazira was an entertaining host too as she shared her experiences going to Umrah.

Selamat Hari Rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!


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