Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover Review

I cannot stress enough how important it is to not only use a makeup remover but also finding the right type for your face. There are many types of makeup removers out there, wipes, liquid, foam, oil and gel. There are just too many to choose from!

Today, I am sharing Bioré's new & improved Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover.

Do you know that Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover was the first makeup remover in jelly format and was the No. 1 makeup remover brand in Japan (INTAGE Inc. SRI Makeup Remover Marker Value share data) throughout 2014?

I am not new to Bioré's products. In fact, I love and is using their Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets. But since I had a chance to try our their jelly makeup remover range, why not?
So what are the improvements and benefits of Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover?

It's always good to avoid harsh tugging while cleaning your face especially if you are in your 30's *cough* like me *cough* and yes, I am always guilty of accidentally being a little aggressive with my facial wipes.

Let's put it to the test. I swatched 5 types of make up on my arm.
Eyeshadow, waterproof eyeliner, lipstick, waterproof mascara and blusher.

Application was easy.

Pump an appropriate amount (2-3 pumps) on hands and spread evenly over face and eye area.
Massage your face gently to dissolve makeup and rinse thoroughly with water.
For best results, apply on dry face and hands and it's unnecessary to use cotton pads or tissue.

True enough, the product simply glides down as soon as it touches my skin. With just 1-2 gentle circular massages, the makeup melts away.

Granted, the waterproof eyeliner and mascara needed extra attention but it does it's job.

Of course, I also tried it on my face off camera. The consistency of the aqua jelly is so smooth on my face but as tested on my arm, the waterproof mascara needed extra massages especially usually, I apply more than 2 coats on my eyelashes.  The smell was delightful. It had a sweet flora scent that was relaxing.

After a water rinse, my face felt clean and soft. I could feel a thin layer of moisturizing film on my face. There was no sticky residue at all. Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is meant for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and it has a very minor effect on my skin. Saying that, please note that every skin sensitivity is different from others.

If you are interested, you can buy a bottle of Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover at all leading supermarkets, personal care stores and western pharmacies & departmental store at S$24.90/ 230ml.


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