It's the Battle of the KFC wings! (Ad with Contest)

I was so happy to be invited to KFC's tasting event for the Battle of the KFC wings. I love fast food and it has always been one of my vices but in moderation okay lah. =P

The event was located at Kallang KFC and I was blur because I thought it was Kallang Leisure Park but it's really just Kallang KFC, the place I always pass by but never entered. Kwang kwang.. I should really get out more.

The place was recently renovated so the atmosphere was clean, contemporary but also comfortable.

I digress.

Most of the fashion and food trends Singaporeans love at the moment comes from Japan and Korea. It’s just impossible not to see it because it’s everywhere! Have you ever also squabble between friends and family which country has the better food? Well, KFC Singapore decided to bring the tastes of both worlds under one roof. Hence, the battle of the KFC wings of Umadare from Japan & Yang Yeum from Korea!

Before I introduce the flavour, know that both wings are freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, these juicy wings are cooked to crispy perfection. You can tell the difference of batter compared to the usual KFC chicken batter. The wings are sprinkled with sesame seeds and coated with 2 types of bold flavors.

The first contender is Japan’s Umadare
The wings are generously coated with a tangy yet savoury sauce. It has a slight sour but palatable taste that will keep you wanting more.

Next up is Korea’s Yang Yeum.
These wings are known for their sweet yet spicy sauce. You can never go wrong with a sweet and spicy combo especially if you are inclined to anything spicy. 

Seriously, I enjoyed eating both the Umadare and Yang Yeum maybe because I love eating especially when it’s just good food. Hehe How could I choose? Some days I like spicy food while some days I like to give my mouth and stomach and sometimes bum hole a break and eat something non-spicy. Oh, did I mention that the sauces are thick and generous to a point you have to literally lick the sauces off your fingertips? 

But I was told to choose the winning flavour. So which wing did I choose? 

Watch my Instagram video below!

Yup! I chose Mashisoyo Yang Yeum!

Want to try to for yourself? KFC is selling A la carte of the 4 pcs Wings at $4.90.

If eating just the wings are not enough, get your hands on the Wings Rice Bento Set which includes 4 pcs of flavoured Wings of your choice, rice, salad and 1 7Up Lemon mint sold at $6.90. I also had the opportunity of the 7Up Lemon mint and it was refreshing (especially after eating the spicy Yang Yeum). The hint of lemon and mint was welcoming and not overpowering.

Contest Alert!

[photo credit: IG XVANESSAHNGX]

After getting your hands and mouth on the juicy wings, you are invited to take part in the Battle of the KFC wings. Post a picture or video of yourself trying the KFC Wings on Instagram, then hashtag #kfcoishii or #kfcmashisoyo in your posts.

One lucky winner will be chosen from the ‘winning flavour’ to win a prize. In the video, you can be saying ‘oishii!’ or ‘mashisoyo!’ while eating the Wings.

Remember to also tag @kfc_sg and 15 lucky winners will win S$10 KFC voucher each!
KFC Oishii Umadare & KFC Mashisoyo Yang Yeum wings are available at all KFC stores except KFC Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.

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