Birthday Trip to Legoland, Malaysia Part 2

Click Birthday Trip to Legoland, Malaysia Part 1 if you missed the first part.

After Miniland, we took the airplane. hehe

Off to Land of Adventure! The mummy looks very similar to USS but it's made entirely out of Lego!

You know I'm am very very happy when I start to get candid in photos. lol

The Bouncing Beetle that Syihab loves but his mommy hates. Little did she knew, it was just the beginning. lol 

I actually wanted to ride the flume ride but I didn't want to get my underwear wet (pantiliner problems lol) and we were only half way to explore. lol 

Imagination section. Not many photos taken here. We took the observation tower and went to the Lego Studio to watch a 4D movie. At this point, we were a bit of crunch time because some of us were getting tired.

Next stop was Lego Kingdom.

The Royal Joust looked so fun. If you had watched the video, the horse was moving back and forth as it was galloping.

Face painting! Despite of the heat, they were quite obedient, waiting for their faces to be painted.

When Syihab and I was looking at this photo, I asked him, "Were you happy?" He answered yes. I asked him again, "But why were you not smiling?" He whined," Because I hottttttt" lol

The sunset was beautiful that day. As Dragon Coaster in the picture below, the entrance was in the castle with the giant spider on it. Half of us didn't know we were heading to that ride; we thought it would a maze. Kak Yana never liked roller-coasters so imagine her having the shock of her life. Despite it all, Syihab survived the ride too. He didn't cried although stunned and when asked if he wanted to ride again, he stonily nodded no.

Lastly, Technic. There was Starwars themed Lego where the depict every Starwars episode in one walkthrough. It was indeed truly amazing.

Project X. By this time, everyone was too tired so only Bro, Shibly and I rode it. It was sub-par. It got boring halfway. The dragon coaster was way better.


I wanted to ride the Aquazone (it's in the video) but only 1 of the stations was opened and the queue was way too long. Plus, at this point, everyone was way too exhausted and just wanted to have dinner and finally check in. As for me, my feet was sore.

End of part 2! 


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