11th Shawal, 2015

It was kinda last minute but half of the family went jalan raya the next day. Abg Awil was driver of the day so Mak, Jhon and I had to sit at the back of the lorry.

We went visiting at the cemetery. We visited my late grandparents and also Nadia, Irfan's elder sister.

Afterwards, we visited Abg Awil's parents pulak. 

By that time, my makeup pun dah melt but it's okay because there were KITTIESS!!!

I wanted an obligatory sister photo but ada budak lalat.

2nd attempt.

See... Budak lalat. lol

We headed home after that because Fizah was coming to my house with her husband.

Belly Bump! 2 more months to go.

Kena paksa amek gambar by my Mak. lol

Thank you for coming, Fizah! 

Selamat Hari Rayaaa! 


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