Hari Raya 2015: The Last Kopek

This will be my last post regarding this year's hari raya.

As mentioned in my older post, I was sick for 2 weeks and even as I felt better, I went to Legoland Water park with the family so basically I had the final weekend of 'Shawal' to visit the 2 houses I promised to visit.

First was Fizah's house at Yishun.
We arrived at about 3pm and chit chatted away until 8pm. Seriously, it could've been longer of we didn't have our partners around. lol

Don't you have a friend who you hardly keep in touch often but when you meet, time seems to pass by as soon as you open your mouths. haha I am just so glad Jhon is ever so patient because he knows I hardly get to spend time with Fizah. I also get to finally see her wedding photos too.

As I visited her, she was 1 month left to her baby due date. I was so excited especially as I touched her hard belly and watch it squirmed. Our faces are covered because it was not flattering at all but I love this picture.

Jhon and I also visited Kak Ros.
Who is Kak Ros?

She is a cat feeder we came to be friends with as we fed the same feral cats. Just in case you guys don't know, Jhon and I fed about 10-15 cats within our neighborhood. It didn't started that way; it was just that there were always cats between my place to his or whenever we went to Bedok Reservoir Food and Market Centre. We always 'sayang' them and feed them a small amount of cat food and it turned into a routine.

Here's Moshka, her cat.

They were so funny. Apparently, they were not familiar with the snapping or focusing sounds of the DSLR. They always give this stunted look.

Always paused and stared whenever they heard the sounds.

It was a long story on how we befriended Kak Ros lah but basically, we deserve visitation rights to the 2 flying jumping cats. They were such a handful in a good way for me. They were so freaking active with their favorite toy. Jumping and running to a point of breathlessness and even that does not stop them.


Cat playing invisible basketball. I could play with them for hours.

2 active male teen cats. I am so glad Kak Ros not only adopted them but also cared them when they are sick.

They grew up so fast because there were only wee kittens just 3 months before.

And with that, I shall conclude my Hari Raya posts.


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