2nd Shawal

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Hello! I am finally well enough to open my laptop and post the rest of my Hari Raya photos. I had been sick for more than a week so that was not fun.

On the 2nd day of Shawal, with the help of Jhon, Mak and I stayed at home to receive visitors. It's not that much, mostly the maternal side of the family.

Auntie Tipah came to 'attack' first. hehe

Corny but yes, I am going to say it, the twins are getting more and more macam Upin & Ipin. haha

Mak also take this opportunity to share everyone my wedding plans with Jhon.

The twins have separate personalities. hehehe

Pale faced.

Afterwards, the family of Pak Hitam and Pak Busu visited.

We found out my cousin will be getting married on March 2016 about a month before my wedding! Kalau Pinoy, dah Sukob ni... lol (superstition of family members married on the same year)

And that's about it. I kinda wished everyone who wishes to visit came on that day but itu je... 

My other maternal auntie came the next day but Mak was not around. It was just me and Jhon in the living room editing Hari Raya photos. Err.. I know lah tak manis eh but we were not doing naughty. Mak knew Jhon always comes by and main door is always opened. So apa orang nak cakap, cakap lah.. =P 

Selamat Hari Raya, yeeee...


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