Kompang Booked!

Same as preference of DJ, Jhon and I prefers a simple and straightforward 'kompang' for our wedding; nothing fancy and over the top. It's funny if you ask the younger me, I would want dancers and even 'kuda kepang'. Dah tua ah. =P

The 'kompang' that was recommended by my best buddy, Fizah is:

Kompang Al-Falah

err.... I hope they don't mind me enhancing their logo. I was in a 'rajin' mood while doing this post. With sincerity and no alter motives I did this eh. I find their logo nice but could use a little edit not that I edited perfectly in the first place. =P 

Firstly, We like their outfits. Traditionally simple.

They recite prayers/ zikir for the bride and groom and their voice are melodic and wonderful. They do traditional tunes and also a little of remix versions.

Iringan pengantin dan performance selawat mix dari kami :)
Posted by Kompang Al-Falah on Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hasbi Rabbi is one of our favorite 'zikir'. Yes, even Jhon.

Jhon and I met Khairul for a short discussion and also booking at Kallang Leisure Park. It was about 'kompang' so there was not much questions but just knowing their procedures in recognizing the entrance, choice of outfit colors and etc.

I thought I saw them did an English rendition but I was wrong. 'Ngigau agaknya'. haha But I did brought the topic up but entah eh. Not sure will it work or not. We shall see.

This is my favourite. I might request something similar.

Undangan hari ini di kaki bukit cc09/11/2014
Posted by Kompang Al-Falah on Sunday, November 9, 2014

They are a team of 10-18 and 1-2 of them will do 'silat pengantin'. I just love the sound of 'kompang' as the groom makes his entrance. It would definitely make me feel excited and ridiculously nervous when I hear the 'kompang' from the distance which signaled Jhon's arrival.

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Our wedding is done!



  1. Hello! Been reading your blog to get some tips for my big day too! My fiance is a convert too so I felt the connection with some of your posts. Do you mind sharing how much is your kompang service? For 1 way correct? Thanks much!

    1. Hi! I am glad you can relate and find my blog helpful. =)

      Kompang Al-Falah charges me $600 for 1 way. It may seem expensive in one glance but their group is min. 10 pax to max. 18 pax so you count per person can get how much? haha And that includes transport.

      Plus, we intend to have them walk with the groom for quite a distance for more dramatic effect (as you hear the kompang far away) and to have our cents worth. hehehe