DJ & Emcee Booked!

We never had a specific preference for a DJ & Emcee. We just want them to be presentable, do they job professionally, able to entertain the guests and host well. So looking for 1 was fairly easy since we are not choosy and got...

Dann's Entertainment!


We don't have any physical experience with the team and we just based on the videos that they posted and reviews which seemed up to par. They also have confetti poppers during cake cutting which I guess it's a bonus. I just hope I won't 'melatah'. Yeah.. that would elegant of me. lol

Anyways, for those who are interested, they also provide kompang, dancers, sireh dara, acoustic band and if you book for both bride and groom weddings, there's a discount.

I took their package B which is simpler. Package A includes smoke machine/ bubbles, projector screen/ 32" TV for photo montage. Not required lah for us.

We can choose the songs we want so we will be making a song list soon. We want our wedding to have a mixture of Malay, English and Filipino songs. hehehe I hope the team will not let us down.

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Our wedding has passed!


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