What Makes a Man a Man?

On 28th March 2013, Jhon and I headed to Esplanade to watch the infamous Kumar for his stand up comedy entitled What Makes a Man A Man?

The title says it all. His topic this year surrounds a life and experiences of man and what makes it more interesting, it’s mostly about his life experiences.

His jokes were crude and sexual (it was rated R18) but not talking about sex when discussing a man’s life is not like talking about shopping in a women’s life!

This time around, Jhon and I got the cheapest seats and it was really not that bad! Think it as a bird’s eye view. I suppose the only downfall was we can’t see Kumar’s facial expressions as he delivered the joke. Perhaps it’s a good thing because maybe complete with his comical expressions, we might pee in our pants. =p

The show had 3 songs which consisted of Kumar lip syncing and a group of guys dancing. The finale with the song which I wasn't sure if an original or an oldie was “Oh My God” He gave me goose bumps as he slowly changed his outfit from drag to a blazer, wiped his makeup off and lip synced dramatically “So tell me what really makes a man, a man” FWAR!


Powerful stuff! I understand and felt what he was trying to portray and I love it! It was a wonderful and unexpected turn from a comedy show.

I can’t wait for next year’s show!


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