Decor Booked!

Jhon and I preferred decor concept has always been simple, elegant and clutter-free. We want it to change the atmosphere but still make us stand out in our wedding outfits. Not only that, within a small budget. So who did we get?

Wed'Inc Petals!
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I found out Wed'Inc Petals from JSS deco. Cik Jais is no longer doing decor and Wed'Inc Petals bought over/ took over in 2013. I love their designs the moment I saw their pictures last year. Their designs may seem a little repetitive but it works. Just like a little black dress, you can never go wrong with classic and simple. Since they are not a themed decor company, only small changes or requests are accepted. For example, preference of certain chairs, plants or specific decor details.

I love the detailed work which helps accentuates the decor.  The best part is that their prices are affordable! All I can say is that their maximum package price is $4,000 and it's for a CC.
Tidak kah itu murah?

Bottom right photo is not a chandelier but just a chandelier wrap, for safety purposes (there's an incident (different decor company) where the chandelier dropped, yikes!). It looks pretty and bonus point for caring about people's safety.

Initially, I wanted their Minimalist Package for budget purposes even though they provide only artificial flowers but who would've guess Jhon was willing to pay extra for fresh flowers? The practical person in me frowned but the diva grinned with glee. lol

Requesting for a quote was easy too. 2-3 days to reply their email ( and even faster if you WhatsApp Kak Andriana directly. I just love when companies are efficient. Some other vendors I emailed, dah berbulan tak jawab2, so I also buat bodoh. =P Perangai.

ANYWAYS, we met up with Kak Andriana at her house in Punggol which was beautiful hokay? We even spent 20 minutes talking about her house after our discussion and her youngest daughter is so cute and memang geram tengok perangai dia. I can tell by just talking to Kak Andriana, she is a genuine and sincere person, no bullshit, chill, very open and nice.

It's also funny she said her clients also always book the same type of bridals. It's as if all her clients tastes are the same. Sama geng lah. hehe

We spent about 1 hour discussing and to seal the deal.

Unintentionally, we also find out about some personal business issue that is going on and we felt sympathetic towards her. I know I am just hearing 1 side of the story but I feel that the situation was badly handled. I won't say more because Kak Andriana have intentions to announce it on her Facebook after summoning enough courage and strength (you can do it!).

But for the benefit of future clients, all I can say is that Wed'inc Petals is unequivocally in any form connected to Mutiara. So if you truly preferred the former's work, please contact them directly because of some issues, some previous clients get referred wrongly.

With that said, I am happy I finally get to book my decor and getting the last slot of the weekend (only 2 weddings per weekend), I sure feel blessed.

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Our wedding is done!

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