My 31st Birthday

Can you believe it? I'm popping the number 30 and now 31 years old.

My birthday this year was rather tame. It's mostly a day out with Jhon. We started the day early to watch Fast and Furious 7. The movie was great as expected but the events leading to it kinda sucked.

We had to wait 40 minutes for our KFC porridge, I suddenly felt sickly and the movie that supposed to start at 11.30 am was cancelled because the movie theater we were assigned to had problems. So we had to re-queue and get a different time slot. Luckily the manager was rather efficient.

After the movie, we took a quick bite at Sarpinos and headed back to my place for a while because I needed to rest. I think this is what they call "sakit nak tua" or is it "sakit tua?" lol just kidding. Initially, the plan was to head on to Changi Airport to check out the Hobbiton exhibition. Kononya to go New Zealand for my birthday. lol

But a'las, I needed more time to rest but still insisted to end the day at the beach. We bought food and I finally got my sate and dine at the beach.

And that's about sums up my birthday. I'm pretty much indifferent about it. I just can't wait for next year.


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