Hobbiton in Singapore

If you read my recent birthday post, you would know that checking the Hobbiton exhibition at Changi Airport was on my list but Jhon and I  had to postponed it. But it does not matter because we got to check it out over the weekday which was probably the best because there was a lesser crowd.

We went through the New Zealand exhibition first where they show the types of activities that we can do in New Zealand, like kayaking, sky diving, caving, biking etc. New Zealand has always been one of the top places to visit in my list but a'las, not enough money. lol

Checking out the rugby ball that was signed by the All Blacks team. I've always loved and enjoyed their culture. All thanks to my Bro who was a rugby player and had introduced rugby and New Zealand to me in my teens.

Jhon and I also got to play mini golf. We managed to get the ball in after 5-6 tries. lol Good enough lah.

Jhon later impressed me with his picture puzzle skills by solving it in about 5 minutes which is way better than me because I usually give up within 4 minutes.

Pak Gandalf and I.

I expected the exhibition to be small but it was really small but beggars can't be choosers? 👅

Despite the size, I would say the attention to detail was impeccable.

According to the chart, Jhon's height is similar to an elf.

Anyways, at least I had a small taste of Hobbiton. How much is it again to visit New Zealand?
If I am not mistaken, minimum $3,500 per person and I don't think it's including air tickets.
So.... *punches numbers on calculator* 😑

Great angle but we were out of focus. hur hur

Anyways, if you are interested for a glimpse, you have until 19th April 2016. There is also a 5D simulator ride, giveaways and lucky draw but of course with a receipt of you spending at the airport lah.


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