Face-kini: Bikini for your Face?

Apparently there is a new trend at the beaches of China (yes, only in China… or Japan lol) and it is called the Face-kini which is a bikini for the face.

[picture and info from Yahoo!News]

Firstly, upon looking at the pictures, I would greatly appreciate it if they use that same effort to cover their bodies instead of their face. =X

Secondly, these masks remind me nothing but NACHO LIBRE the movie or Luchador also known as Mexican wrestlers which is not that farfetched if you want to compare bodies too. =P

Hey, I do get it; they don’t want to tan their face. I am one of those people who try to avoid getting tanned too. I hate getting my face tanned and my makeup does not match my skin colour anymore. tsk!

Perhaps they saw this picture of the man who had only 1 side of his face exposed to constant rays of the sun and they got phobic of the sun. haha

Whatever it is, I don’t see this trend spreading to other countries, even if someone ever buys the face-kinis, they probably would use it to be part of a nacho libre costume. Tee hee!



  1. I like nacho libre very very much! :D

    1. Me too. One of my favorite movies from Jack Black.