Food and Fireworks Galore with Mum

My initial plan was to go out with the entire family. I intend to treat them to eat at Swensons and spend our evening watching the National Day Rehearsal with fireworks.

10 people became 6 which eventually turned into 3 people. So it was just my mom, Jhon and me.

First stop, was late lunch at Swensons (this outing was obviously before Ramadhan =p).

For some apparent reason, the food on that day was superb!! As in more delicious than before.

We ate until we were full and mind you, we ordered a lot of dishes.

We had chicken salad,

Jhon had Dory Fish which I thought the only dish that was not that great.

Our standard prawn dippers,

My medium-well Ribeye steak which was nicely done on the day.

We unanimously agreed that the Tiger prawn was OMGDELICIOUS!!

And a couple other dishes..

Right after lunch, we deposited some 'chocolate cake' lol

Afterwards, we headed to Esplanade, my favorite spot to watch NDP

When we reached there, it was drizzling! We didn't give up though. We found a perfect spot but drizzling became heavy rain. It some how did not damper our spirits (perhaps good mood from the good food lol) and waited patiently until the rain subsided.

There were no pictures of the evening performances but you can click here to see on my previous outing.
By 7pm, the rain stopped, I took out my mat and we waited while eating cup corn, bottled drinks and 'longan' that my mom brought. My mom was so sweet. She even made friends with a tourist couple and offered our 'exotic' fruits. lol Why am I not as sociable as her? She can barely speak English yet she engages conversation with 'Ang mohs' while I who can speak well refuses to make small talk. =P

Everything went well and smoothly and most importantly, mom thoroughly enjoyed our outing. Too bad the rest of my family could not join us.


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